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Gallery: Julie Morstad

A gallery of illustrations by Julie Morstad, winner of the 2014 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Prize.

Book Cover How To

Julie Morstad was awarded the Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award at the Canadian Children's Book Centre Awards on November 6 for her first picture book as author/illustrator, the remarkable How To. Morstad began her career in picture book illustration with Sara O'Leary's "Henry" books, beginning with When You Were Small.

She also illustrated the beautiful book, Singing Away the Dark, by Caroline Woodward, a board book version of Robert Louis Steven son's poem, "The Swing," and collaborated with Kyo Maclear for the recent book, Julia, Child. She's also published two books with Drawn & Quarterly, Milk Teeth and Wayside, and illustrated Jonarno Lawson's poetry collection, Think Again. 

Plans are in the works for a new book this spring with Sara O'Leary in the spring, This Is Sadie. We're excited about this one, but in the meantime are so pleased to share with you this gallery of Morstad's work. 


From When You Were Small, with Sara O'Leary: 


Julie Morstad: When You Were Small

From Where You Came From, with Sara O'Leary:


Where You Came From

From When I Was Small, with Sara O'Leary: 


From When I Was Small
From When I Was Small



From Julia, Child, with Kyo Maclear: 

Julia Child Spread
Julia Child Spread


From How To:

From How To


How to See the Wind
How To

Cover of forthcoming book, This is Sadiewith Sara O'Leary, coming this spring!!!

Book Cover This is Sadie


Images from When You Were Small, Where You Came From, When I Was Small and How To appear with permission of Simply Read. Images from Julia, Child and This is Sadie appear with permission of Tundra Books. 

Check out all Julie Morstad's books here

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