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Launchpad: You Are Not What We Expected, by Sidura Ludwig

by Kerry Clare

A gorgeous, highly visceral, deeply felt collection of linked stories about how families work—and don’t work—together. The Levine family is unforgettable.” …

Launchpad: The Library of Legends, by Janie Chang

by Kerry Clare

"A gorgeous, poetic journey threaded with mist and magic." —Kate Quinn

Launchpad: The Handsome Man, by Brad Casey

by Kerry Clare

"...a gem that celebrates little blips of happiness and small, elusive moments of genuine human connection." —Guillaume Morissette

Launchpad: Watershed, by Doreen Vanderstoop

by Kerry Clare

"Riveting . . . Watershed is the best kind of futuristic fiction, the kind that becomes grass-roots reality as we read." —Wayne Grady

Launchpad: The Wild Heavens, by Sarah Louise Butler

by Kerry Clare

The Wild Heavens is wonderfully crafted—each page is a catch of the breath, each chapter a crush of unfolding magic. This novel is why we read. …

5 Cool Books to Order Right Now

by 49th Shelf Staff

Turn off that weird-ass tiger show, guys. Books are still happening.

Launchpad: Misconduct of the Heart, by Cordelia Strube

by Kerry Clare

A book you will love "like never tomorrow."

Launchpad: The Ballad of Samuel Hewitt, by Nick Tooke

by Kerry Clare

An uncommon coming-of-age story as well as a thoughtful examination of the meaning of home and family.

Launchpad: Hunger Moon, by Traci Skuce

by Kerry Clare

"Read these stories and be transported back to the age before internet, to tree planting camps and lakeside holidays, to relentless heat and longing in …

Launchpad: Keepers of the Faith, by Shaukat Ajmeri

by Kerry Clare

This book is complex, beautiful, and essential reading for our times." —Farzana Doctor, author of Seven

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