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In Conversation With: Shari Lapena on her love of wilderness adventure tales

Shari Lapena chats with Host Julie Wilson about her love of adventure tales, and reads from Things Go Flying.

Food and Farming Books (by Margaret Webb)

"Saving our local food systems may well be the most important thing we do for future generations."

Robert J. Wiersema on the Springsteen songs that don't appear in his mixtape-memoir Walk Like a Man.

Rob Wiersema shares the B Sides mixtape to Walk Like a Man.

What I Read on my Summer Vacation: Guest Post by Andrew Larsen

Andrew Larsen on the kids books that made him resolve to spend this school year reading more.

In Conversation With: Julie Booker on photography and how to frame a story. (cc: @houseofanansi)

Host Julie Wilson chats with Julie Booker about travel, photography and how to match the right tools to the right story.

Books with Old Folks (by Brian Francis)

"Oh, Hagar Shipley, with your beetle-flecked hair, wilderness pride and flatulence..."

Newfangled Styles for Newfangled Lives: Guest Post by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

The woman who wrote the book(s) on jeans and underwear writes about popular culture's remarkable depths.

The Personal Book Shopper Contest: Update

With so much cool stuff in the mix, The Personal Book Shopper Contest will return in September. Read on for a quick update.

What's YOUR Canadian bookshelf, Laura Penny?

"Some women writers that have recently made me laugh, made me think, broken my heart and blown my tiny mind."

Canadian Bookshelf Takes You Back to School

Explore the amazing array of how-to books in our virtual library

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