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Pop Culture, the Literary Gateway: Guest Post by Crissy Calhoun

"So I write books about a TV series based on a book series... Believe me it’s difficult to explain."

In Conversation With: Brian Busby on John Glassco and the Pleasures of Reviving Forgotten Literary Traditions

In conversation with Brian Busby, author of the literary memoir A Gentleman of Pleasure, which details the life and artistry of poet and pornographer …

The Personal Book Shopper Contest: July's Book Picks Revealed #mybookshopper

This month's Personal Book Shopper panelists came back with a diverse range of titles for our winners. Read on to find out which three books they matched …

Jessica Westhead on Ottawa's Octopus Books

"It’s the kind of place where you feel instantly at home. Of course, in large part this feeling is because of Lisa."

We think we know them, but we have no idea

Andrew Westoll and Sarah Leavitt shatter illusions about the nonfiction writer’s adherence to truth above all.

The Personal Book Shopper Contest: July #mybookshopper

The Personal Book Shopper Contest is back! Submit five words to describe yourself and you could win three books hand-picked just for you!

Kathleen Winter: Books that Made me Laugh out Loud in Public

"A list of books that have rendered me helpless with teary-eyed mirth; books that have made me snort among strangers."

YOSS Guide for Novices

Because the short story is a tricky beast, and the reader has to know how to handle it right (or how to be handled by it)

In Conversation With: Trevor Cole (Practical Jean, @McClellandBooks)

Trevor Cole (Practical Jean) on, aural pleasures, collecting voices, an . . . Pop Rocks.

"You Will Believe..." Guest Post by Robert J. Wiersema

"Everything I am as a writer, everything I do, goes back to that darkened theatre..."

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