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Garth Martens, 2010 Bronwen Wallace Award Winner: Readings and Readings

"A lot of men I know feel like intruders, on the sidewalk, in their skins."

This ain't your grandma's romance novel: Leah Braemel on writing erotic fiction.

"While there are a few erotic fiction writers who are into the lifestyle they write about, most of them aren’t—like every other author, we use our …

Movember Men: Hill, Redhill, Winter, Sol and Seymour Talk Moustaches and Men's Health

Canadian writers enter the annual Moustache Marathon, Movember, to show support for men's health.

Finding the Formula: Robin Spano on the Art & Science of Mystery Writing

There is a formula behind a mystery novel – components you need to deliver a satisfying puzzle.

Giving a Canadian Book This Holiday Season? We can help.

There is no better place than The 49th Shelf for you to discover that perfect Canadian book for your special someone.

Stranger in a Strange Land (by Laura Boudreau)

I am drawn to stories about travellers, and this list celebrates writers who explore the excitement, adventure, and anguish of life in parts unknown.

In Conversation With: Playwright and Novelist Kate Cayley on the Jump from Stage to Page

Kate Cayley chats with Host Julie Wilson about the transition of a stage play to debut novel.

The God Edit: Guest Post by Barbara Stewart

On the duality of public and private in creative nonfiction, and how much God is too much God?

2011 Culinary Book Award Winners, plus great links and recipes

All the highlights from the 2011 Culinary Book Awards.

Author Profile: Sierra McLean, Ten-Year-Old Grand Prize Winner of theToronto Roald Dahl Day Story Contest

Julie Wilson talks with ten-year-old author Sierra McLean, the Grand Prize Winner of the Toronto Roald Dahl Day Story Contest.

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