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Joanne Schwartz and Danny Christopher on The Legend of the Fog, their Inuit picture book with Qaunaq Mikkigak.

The Legend of the Fog translates an ancient Inuit oral tale into haunting words and images.

Freedom to Read Week: A List of Challenged Books in Canada

"Burning books is designed to intimidate people. It underestimates the intelligence of readers, stifles dialogue and insults those who cherish the freedom …

Anakana Schofield on literary Vancouver: "Books that made me turn off the vacuum"

"Here are some, of the many, local Vancouver books that have caused me to strand the hoover in the middle of the floor and search for a paragraph or moment …

Maggie Helwig's Girls Fall Down named 2012 One Book: Toronto [author interview]

Read our interview with Maggie Helwig, author of the 2012 One Book: Toronto selection Girls Fall Down.

2012 Canadian Literary Festivals: Guide to the Pre-Season

These literary festivals are a spring-like harbinger of packed weekends to come.

Gerry Fostaty on reliving a youthful trauma in his memoir As You Were: The Tragedy at Valcartier

Julie Wilson: The tragedy of which you speak in your book, As You Were: The Tragedy at Valcartier occurred in 1974 on a Canadian Forces Base in Valcartier, …

Five Canadian speculative fiction titles for literary readers/ Five Canadian literary titles for speculative fiction readers (by Leah Bobet)

Novelist Leah Bobet on the best Canadian authors writing on the border between speculative and literary fiction.

No Solitudes: Leah Bobet on CanLit's genre-bilingualism

"Just as whole schools of Canadian novelists speak in echoed and doubled voices, whispering in two languages and two countries at once, we are quietly …

"The scarlet tunic! What a story!”: Daniel Francis on how the Mounties became a national symbol

"To read the history of the Mounties' roots is to ignore the force’s modern origins as a domestic spy agency working clandestinely to stamp out legal, …

Win 1 of 5 Copies of Your First Home: A Buyer's Kit by Kimberley Marr. #realestate #homebuyers #givecdn

Rent or buy? Build your own home or fix one up? RE/MAX broker Kimberley Marr—Your First Home: A Buyer's Kit—talks about the choices facing new home …

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