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Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection (Vol. 2)

edited by Hope Nicholson

An Illustrated Collection of Fairy Tales for Brave Children

by (author) Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm & Hans Christian Andersen
illustrated by Scott Plumbe

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection (Vol. 1)

edited by Hope Nicholson

COVID Chronicles

A Comics Anthology

edited by Kendra Boileau & Rich Johnson
contributions by Gene Ambaum, Julio Anta, Ned Barnett, Ken Best, Armond Boudreaux, Eiri Brown, Thi Bui, Maureen Burdock, Roland Burkart, Pavith C, Brian Canini, Jason Chatfield, Lili Chin, Gerry Chow, M.K. Czerwiec, Zack Davisson, Joe Decie, Deloupy, Ignacio Di Meglio, Katy Doughty, Peter Dunlap-Shohl, Sarah Firth, Eduardo Garcia, Mike Garcia, Hatiye Garip, Simon Gentry, Aaron Guzman, Rivi Handler-Spitz, Justin Hansen, Kurt Hathaway, Mark Heinrichs, Natascha Hoffmeyer, Laura Holzman, John Jennings, Kang Jing, Quincy Scott Jones, Scott Jones, Jazmine Joyner, Rob Kirby, Rob Kraneveldt, Jesse Lambert, Kelly Latham, Janet K. Lee, Ajuan Mance, Luis Manriquez, Lee Marrs, Seth C. Martel, Tom K. Mason, Sean Seamus McWhinny, Ben Mitchell, Terry Moore, Eli Neugeboren, Tim Ogline, Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou, Willow Payne, Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos, S.I. Rosenbaum, Jacoby Salcedo, Kay Sohini, Arigon Starr, Emily Steinberg, Jay Stephens, Sage Stossel, Chris Summers, Tamara, Brenna Thummler, Seth Tobocman, Shelley Wall, Ian Williams, Richard You Wu, Zen & Annie Zhu

A Record of Literary History: Best Canadian Poetry 2020

by Marilyn Dumont

An excerpt from Marilyn Dumont's introduction to BEST CANADIAN POETRY 2020.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures

edited by S.M. Beiko

Warm Blood Vol. 1

by (author) Josh Tierney
cover design or artwork by Afu Chan

Launchpad: Sweet Water, by Yvonne Blomer

by Kerry Clare

"Stop. Slow down. Suspend time. Let your soul come to rest in this haunting book as you take a quiet journey to a watershed that someone cherishes." —Maude …

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection (Volume 3)

edited by Elizabeth LaPensée & Michael Sheyahshe

Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection (Volume 2)

edited by Hope Nicholson

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