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Unpacking "Quirky": A CanLit Round Table

Four of our favourite Canadian writers grapple with the questions of quirky: What does quirky really mean? What are its politics? Who gets to be quirky? …

Huge Savings on Six Incredible Books

Head over to the Members' Lounge to grab yourself one or all of these ridiculously priced beauties while you can.

Great Families in CanLit

The best families in literature are wonderful because they are somehow utterly familiar—but strange enough—and thus cathartic. Here are a few greats. …

Books to Inspire Writers in the Thick of It

You're looking at what you've written, and it's ... not very good. You can't figure out the voice. You can't make a city come alive. Your dialogue is …

Quick Hits: Books of the Year and Books for Right Now

In Quick Hits, we look through our stacks to bring you books that, when they were published, elicited a lot of reaction and praise. Our selections will …

Great Characters in CanLit

Some characters never leave us, they are so compelling, lovable, complex, and well written. Here are some great ones in CanLit.

Books with Old Folks (by Brian Francis)

"Oh, Hagar Shipley, with your beetle-flecked hair, wilderness pride and flatulence..."

4 books

Books with Old Folks (by Brian Francis)

list by Kerry Clare

Sneak Peek: Brian Francis Reads from Natural Order (Doubleday Canada)

Following on the success of Fruit, a 2009 Canada Reads contender, Brian Francis gears up for the fall release of his latest novel Natural Order.