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Notes from a Children's Librarian

Carefully selected books according to curriculum and theme.

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Celebrating STEM

by Julie Booker

This list includes all kinds of STEM’ers—science enthusiasts, builders, inventors, real life engineers—in both fiction and non-fiction texts.

Notes From a Children's Librarian: Scrumptious Stories

by Julie Booker

DELICIOUS books about food and eating.

Notes From a Children's Librarian: Money Money Money

by Julie Booker

Financial literacy is part of the new math curriculum for grades 4-6. But why not start even sooner, as young as kindergarten?

Notes from a Children's Librarian: The "I Am Canada" Series

by Julie Booker

"These first-person narratives are so compelling that a reader doesn’t even notice that they’re actually learning history."

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Think Outside the (Hat) Box!

by Julie Booker

From fedoras to bowlers to shoe hats to winter toques to Carnival headdresses, this list is for anyone looking to inspire the creation of a hat.

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Bird Books

by Julie Booker

A flock of tales to get young readers into birding.

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Texts on Textiles

by Julie Booker

Exploring the art of sewing? Here are some tales to comfort and inspire.

Notes from a Children's Librarian: What I Miss About the Library

by Julie Booker

"When I think of the job of librarian, I think of time, layers of time."

Notes From a Children's Librarian: Books That Make the List

by Julie Booker

Great mentor texts for the writing and reading curriculum.

Notes from a Children's Librarian: Procedural Writing

by Julie Booker

Great books involving "how to" text, and also pictures and symbols showing steps in a procedure.

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