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Vehicule Press

Books from this publisher

One Long Line of Marvel

200 Years of Montreal's St. Patrick's Parade

by (author) Alan Hustak

The War You Don't Hate

by (author) Blaise Ndala
translated by Dimitri Nasrallah

Girls, Interrupted

How Pop Culture is Failing Women

by (author) Lisa Whittington-Hill

My Brother's Keeper

by (author) Sheila Kindellan-Sheehan

Whispering City

by (author) Horace Brown
introduction by Brian Busby

States of Emergency

by (author) Yoyo Comay

Spirits in the Dark

30th Anniversary Edition

by (author) H. Thomas
introduction by Kaie Kellough

Quicker Than The Eye

by (author) Joe Fiorito


by (author) Susan Glickman


by (author) Andrew Steinmetz

Montreal Poetry Prize Anthology 2022, The

edited by Eli MacLaren


How Canada Cancels Blackness

by (author) George Elliott Clarke

Human Scale, The

Murder, Mischief and Other Selected Mayhems

by (author) Michael Lista

Dandelion Daughter

by (author) Gabrielle Boulianne-Tremblay
translated by Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch

Four-Doored House, The

by (author) Pierre Nepveu
translated by Donald Winkler

While Supplies Last

by (author) Anita Lahey

Redemption Ground

Essays and Adventures

by (author) Lorna Goodison

Wolf Sonnets

by (author) R. LaRose

Black and Blue

Jazz Stories

by (author) Stanley Péan
translated by David Homel

A House Without Spirits

by (author) David Homel

Letters From Montreal

Tales of an Exceptional City

edited by Madi Haslam

Durable Goods

by (author) James Pollock


by (author) Baharan Baniahmadi

Strangest Dream, The

Canadian Communists, the Spy Trials, and the Cold War

by (author) Merrily Weisbord

Mother Muse

by (author) Lorna Goodison

Infinity Network

by (author) Jim Johnstone

After Realism

24 Stories for the 21st Century

edited by André Forget
by (author) Jessica Johns & Casey Plett


by (author) Dimitri Nasrallah

Perilous Passage

by (author) Arthur Mayse
introduction by Susan Mayse

The Family Way

by (author) Christopher DiRaddo

Saving the City

The Challenge of Transforming a Modern Metropolis

by (author) Daniel Sanger

Fear the Mirror

by (author) Cora Siré

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