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Books from this publisher

Revival and Change

The 1957 and 1958 Diefenbaker Elections

by (author) John C. Courtney

Global Health Security in China, Japan, and India

Assessing Sustainable Development Goals

edited by Lesley Jacobs, Yoshitaka Wada & Ilan Vertinsky

The Political Party in Canada

by (author) William Cross, Scott Pruysers & Robin Currie-Wood

Unstable Properties

Aboriginal Title and the Claim of British Columbia

by (author) Patricia Burke Wood & David Rossiter

Reckoning with Racism

Police, Judges, and the RDS Case

by (author) Constance Backhouse

Canadian Labour Policy and Politics

edited by John Peters & Don Wells

Forging Diasporic Citizenship

Narratives from German-Born Turkish Ausländer

by (author) Gül Çaliskan

In the Name of Wild

One Family, Five Years, Ten Countries, and a New Vision of Wildness

by (author) Phillip Vannini & April Vannini
with Autumn Vannini

Making Muskoka

Tourism, Rural Identity, and Sustainability, 1870–1920

by (author) Andrew Watson
foreword by Graeme Wynn

Power Played

A Critical Criminology of Sport

edited by Derek Silva & Liam Kennedy

People, Politics, and Purpose

Biography and Canadian Political History

edited by Greg Donaghy & P. Whitney Lackenbauer

What Nudism Exposes

An Unconventional History of Postwar Canada

by (author) Mary-Ann Shantz

Pivot or Pirouette?

The 1993 Canadian General Election

by (author) Tom Flanagan
foreword by R. Kenneth Carty

Lessons in Legitimacy

Colonialism, Capitalism, and the Rise of State Schooling in British Columbia

by (author) Sean Carleton

Cripping Intersex

by (author) Celeste E. Orr

A Cooperative Disagreement

Canada-United States Relations and Revolutionary Cuba, 1959–93

by (author) John Dirks

Inside the Local Campaign

Constituency Elections in Canada

edited by Alex Marland & Thierry Giasson

House Rules

Changing Families, Evolving Norms, and the Role of the Law

edited by Erez Aloni & Régine Tremblay

Rare Merit

Women in Photography in Canada, 1840–1940

by (author) Colleen Skidmore

Pleasure and Panic

New Essays on the History of Alcohol and Drugs

edited by Dan Malleck & Cheryl Krasnick Warsh

The Solidarity Encounter

Women, Activism, and Creating Non-Colonizing Relations

by (author) Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis

Changing of the Guards

Private Influences, Privatization, and Criminal Justice in Canada

edited by Alex Luscombe, Kevin Walby & Derek Silva

Braided Learning

Illuminating Indigenous Presence through Art and Story

by (author) Susan D. Dion

A Legacy of Exploitation

Early Capitalism in the Red River Colony, 1763–1821

by (author) Susan Dianne Brophy

Liquor and the Liberal State

Drink and Order before Prohibition

by (author) Dan Malleck

Screening Out

HIV Testing and the Canadian Immigration Experience

by (author) Laura Bisaillon

Métis Rising

Living Our Present Through the Power of Our Past

by (author) Yvonne Boyer & Larry Chartrand

Feeling Feminism

Activism, Affect, and Canada’s Second Wave

edited by Lara Campbell, Michael Dawson & Catherine Gidney

The Heart of Toronto

Corporate Power, Civic Activism, and the Remaking of Downtown Yonge Street

by (author) Daniel Ross

Religion at the Edge

Nature, Spirituality, and Secularity in the Pacific Northwest

edited by Paul Bramadat, Patricia O'Connell Killen & Sarah Wilkins-Laflamme

Small Bites

Biocultural Dimension of Children's Food and Nutrition

by (author) Tina Moffat

Constitutionalizing Criminal Law

by (author) Colton Fehr

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