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Tom Doherty Associates

Books from this publisher

The Hermetic Millennia

by (author) John C. Wright

The Damage Done

by (author) Hilary Davidson


by (author) Claire Delacroix

Traitors’ Gate

by (author) Kate Elliott

Autumn War

by (author) Daniel Abraham

The Expediter

by (author) David Hagberg

Last Paladin

by (author) Kathleen Bryan

Golden Rose

by (author) Kathleen Bryan

The High City

by (author) Cecelia Holland

The Thin Black Line

True Stories by Black Law Enforcement Officers Policing America’s Meanest Str

by (author) Hugh Holton


by (author) Hugh Holton

A Sword from Red Ice

Book Three of Sword of Shadows

by (author) J.V. Jones

Passionate Girl

by (author) Thomas Fleming

Harold and Me

My Life, Love, and Hard Times with Harold Robbins

by (author) Jann Robbins

Beyond Human

Living with Robots and Cyborgs

by (author) Gregory Benford & Elisabeth Malartre


by (author) Jeffrey A. Carver

Few Good Murders

A Maggie Mars Mystery

by (author) Cady Kalian

The Ghost Quartet

edited by Marvin
by (author) Marvin Kaye

Enemy Within

by (author) Noel Hynd

Lost Girls

by (author) Robert Doherty

An Autumn War

by (author) Daniel Abraham

Empires, Wars, and Battles

The Middle East from Antiquity to the Rise of the New World

by (author) T.C.F. Hopkins


by (author) Steven Brust

Betrayal In Winter

by (author) Daniel Abraham

Fashionably Late

by (author) Nadine Dajani


The True Events That Inspired The Hunt For Red October

by (author) Boris Gindin & David Hagberg

The 7th Infantry Regiment: Combat in an Age of Terror

The Korean War Through the Present

by (author) John C. McManus

Deadly Errors

by (author) Allen Wyler

Cat in a Red Hot Rage

A Midnight Louie Mystery

by (author) Carole Nelson Douglas

Conversations with the Devil

by (author) Jeff Rovin

Serpent And The Rose

The First Book of the War of the Rose

by (author) Kathleen Bryan

Return to Quag Keep

by (author) Andre Norton & Jean Rabe

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