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Thistledown Press

Books from this publisher

The Beautiful Place

by (author) Lee Gowan

Only If We're Caught

by (author) Theressa Slind

Dear Peter, Dear Ulla

by (author) Barbara Nickel

Peacekeeper's Daughter

A Middle East Memoir

by (author) Tanya Bellehumeur-Allatt

All Is Well

by (author) Katherine Walker

Girl running

by (author) Diana Hope Tegenkamp

Raft Baby

by (author) Bonnie Dunlop

Ivy's Tree

by (author) Wendy Burton

Nothing You Can Carry

by (author) Susan Alexander


by (author) A.B. Dillon

The Manãna Treehouse

by (author) Bruce McLean

Travellers May Still Return

by (author) Michael Kenyon

Corridor Nine

by (author) Sophie Stocking

The Eater of Dreams

by (author) Kat Cameron

An Honest Woman

by (author) JoAnn McCaig


by (author) Emily Davidson

Snow Melts First in the Middle of the Slough

by (author) Catherine J. Stewart

Five Red Sentries

by (author) Raye Hendrickson

This Hole Called January

by (author) Paula Jane Remlinger

Oona River Poems

by (author) Peter Christensen

A Matins Flywheel

by (author) John Lent


by (author) James Trettwer

Rank 6


by (author) Barry McDivitt

Angela of the Stones

Life in the Time of Revolution

by (author) Amanda Hale

Insomnia Bird

Edmonton Poems

by (author) Kelly Shepherd

For the Changing Moon

Poems and Songs

by (author) Anna Marie Sewell

Lost Boys

by (author) Darci Bysouth

The Spoon Asylum

by (author) Caroline Misner

Culverts Beneath the Narrow Road

by (author) Brenda Schmidt

The Things She'll Be Leaving Behind

by (author) Vanessa Farnsworth


by (author) Paulette Dubé


by (author) A.B. Dillon

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