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Books from this publisher

The Growth of Word Meaning

by (author) Jeremy M. Anglin

Computational Developmental Psychology

by (author) Thomas R. Shultz

Control Theory and Systems Biology

by (author) Pablo A. Iglesias & Brian P. Ingalls

The Ethics of Protocells

Moral and Social Implications of Creating Life in the Laboratory

edited by Mark A. Bedau, Emily C. Parke & Arthur L. Caplan
contributions by Gaymon Bennett, Giovanni Boniolo, Carl Cranor, Bill Durodié, Mickey Gjerris, Brigitte Hantsche-Tangen, Christine Hauskeller, Andrew Hessel, Brian Johnson, George Khushf, Alain Pottage, Paul Rabinow, Per Sandin, Joachim Schummer, Mark Triant & Laurie Zoloth

Barry Commoner and the Science of Survival

The Remaking of American Environmentalism

by (author) Michael Egan

The Case for Qualia

edited by Edmond Wright
contributions by Harold I. Brown, E.J. Lowe, William S. Robinson, Terence E. Horgan, George Graham, Matjaž Potrc, Robert J. Howell, C.L. Hardin, Isabelle Peschard, Michel Bitbol, Riccardo Manzotti, John Smythies, Mark Crooks, Howard Robinson, Torin Alter, Barry Maund, Amy Kind, John O'Dea, Martine Nida-Rümelin & Diana Raffman

Environmental Justice in Latin America

Problems, Promise, and Practice

contributions by David V. Carruthers, Juanita Sundberg, Peter J. Newell, Henri Acselrad, Carlos Reboratti, Sarah Moore, Jordi Diez, Reyes Rodriguez, Michele Zebich-Knos, Wendy Wolford, Tom Perreault, Katherine T. McCaffrey & Stefanie Wickstrom
edited by Robert Gottlieb

Fiscal Reform in Colombia

Problems and Prospects

edited by Richard M. Bird, James M. Poterba & Joel Slemrod

Ethics of the Body

Postconventional Challenges

edited by Margrit Shildrick, Roxanne Mykitiuk & Arthur L. Caplan


Writing the Body of Architecture

by (author) Indra Kagis McEwen

Paradoxes of Rationality

Theory of Metagames and Political Behavior

by (author) Nigel Howard

The Joint Venture Process in International Business

India and Pakistan

by (author) James W.C. Tomlinson

Power-System Reliability Calculations

by (author) Roy Billinton, Robert Ringlee & Allen J. Wood

Dennett's Philosophy

A Comprehensive Assessment

edited by Don Ross, Andrew Brook & David L. Thompson


New Interdisciplinary Essays

by (author) Robert A. Wilson


Core Readings

edited by Eric Margolis & Stephen Laurence

Algorithmic Number Theory

Efficient Algorithms

by (author) Eric Bach & Jeffrey Shallit

Parallel Programming Using C++

edited by Gregory V. Wilson, Paul Lu, William Gropp & Ewing Lusk

Mental Leaps

Analogy in Creative Thought

by (author) Keith J. Holyoak & Paul Thagard

An Invitation to Cognitive Science

Visual Cognition

edited by Stephen M. Kosslyn & Daniel N. Osherson
contributions by Harold Pashler, Martha J. Farah, Melvyn Goodale, Eileen Kowler, Grant Gutheil, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Gretchen Van De Walle, Irving Biederman, Fred Dretske, Zijiang J. He, Ken Nakayama & Shinsuke Shimojo

Global Networks

Computers and International Communication

by (author) Linda M. Harasim

Computational Philosophy of Science

by (author) Paul Thagard

Becoming a Brother

A Child Learns about Life, Family, and Self

by (author) Morton J. Mendelson

Warren's Abstract Machine

A Tutorial Reconstruction

by (author) Hassan Aït-Kaci

Nietzsche and Political Thought

by (author) Mark Warren

The Rationality of Emotion

by (author) Ronald de Sousa

The Meaning Of Language

by (author) Robert M. Martin

Daughters of the State

A Social Portrait of the First Reform School for Girls in North America, 1856-1905

by (author) Barbara Brenzel

The Good Society

A personal account of its struggle with the world of social planning and a dialectical inquiry into the roots of radical practice

by (author) John Friedmann