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The Azrieli Foundation

Books from this publisher

A Light in the Clouds

by (author) Margalith Esterhuizen

Escape from the Edge

by (author) Morris Schnitzer

In Dreams Together

The Diary of Leslie Fazekas

by (author) Leslie Fazekas

Daring to Hope

by (author) Rachel Lisogurski & Chana Broder

A Cry in Unison

by (author) Judy Cohen

In the Hour of Fate and Danger

by (author) Ferenc Andai

Too Many Goodbyes: The Diaries of Susan Garfield

Memoirs of Holocaust Survivors from Hungary

by (author) Susan Garfield

Always Remember Who You Are

by (author) Anita Ekstein

In Search of Light

by (author) Martha Salcudean

A Tapestry of Survival

by (author) Leslie Mezei

Dangerous Measures

by (author) Joseph Schwarzberg

Flights of Spirit

by (author) Elly Gotz

A Part of Me

by (author) Bronia Jablon

Chaos to Canvas

by (author) Maxwell Smart

Unsung Heroes

by (author) Tibor Benyovits

Dignity Endures

by (author) Judith Rubinstein

Memories in Focus

by (author) Pinchas Gutter

From Loss to Liberation

by (author) Joseph Tomasov

Carry the Torch / A Lasting Legacy

by (author) Sam Weisberg & Johnny Jablon

A Childhood Adrift

by (author) René Goldman

Silent Refuge

by (author) Margrit Rosenberg Stenge

Six Lost Years

by (author) Amek Adler

Buried Words

The Diary of Molly Applebaum

by (author) Molly Applebaum

Before All Memory is Lost

Women's Voices from the Holocaust

edited by Myrna Goldberg

The Vale of Tears

by (author) Rabbi Pinchas Hirschprung
translated by Vivian Felsen

Behind the Red Curtain

by (author) Maya Rakitova

In Fragile Moments / The Last Time

by (author) Zsuzsanna Fischer Spiro & Eva Shainblum

Inside the Walls

by (author) Eddie Klein

The Weight of Freedom

by (author) Nate Leipciger

Alone in the Storm

by (author) Leslie Vertes

Stronger Together

by (author) Andy Réti & Ibolya Grossman

Across the Rivers of Memory

by (author) Felicia Carmelly

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