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Books from this publisher

Bright with Laughter and Love

by (author) Heather Falconer

Wolfe Pack, The

Stories of a Mid-Western Family 1850-1950

memoir by Mildred Burns

America II

Its Construction and Sailing it in Bogue Sound

memoir by Henry Stephens

Half Century of Random Reminiscences

of Captain William White, K.C.

by (author) George G. Mills

Home is Where the Heart Is

memoir by M. Laurel Buck

Just Take the Time

by (author) Lois MacIsaac

Camp Journals

Canoe Trips : 1945-1951, Laurentian Region of Quebec

illustrated by Freda Murray

Conquering the Mountain

My Approach to Staying Positive

memoir by Stephanie Lilly

Conquerir La Montagne

Comment je reste positive

memoir by Stephanie Lilly

Couple of Tea, A

memoir by Ann Benattar


by (author) Barbara Robertson Young

Last Blacksmith of Apple

by (author) Douglas Fales

Silent Heros

memoir by Dori Abbott

Secondhand Shoes

by (author) Brenda Spigelman Alzenhopf

Swallowtail Calling

memoir by Wendy Dathan

Reaching for the Stars

by (author) Sonya Kleinsteuber

Rooster In The Cathedral

memoir by Paul Myers

Just Being

by (author) Betty Scott

Paths of Opportunity

by (author) Sharon Callaghan

From Down The Other Side

A Seventeen-year Journey of Discovery and Observation

memoir by Helmut Hausknost

Flying Things

by (author) Jon Torell


by (author) Arleen Solomon Rotchin

Handful of Coins, A

by (author) Robert Caverhill Jones

Nine Lives

memoir by Jacqueline de Sarigny

Green Boughs and Singing Birds

by (author) Rosemary Gaymer

Raise the Flag and Sound the Cannon

by (author) Donald Davison

Silhouettes Move Closer

memoir by Lois MacIsaac

Story Chair, The

Memories from the Past

by (author) Margaret Belfry Lynn


A Novel

by (author) Cassie Devraux Cohoon

Bere Court

History Of An English Manor House

by (author) Victor Breedon

Raftsman, The

A Saga of the St. Lawrence

by (author) Leon Robidoux

42 Keys to the Second Exodus

Memoir of a Life, The Seeds of Which Were Planted in Egypt but Flourished in Canada

memoir by Vivianne M. Schinasi-Silver

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