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Self-Counsel Press

Books from this publisher

Canadian Equine Law

A Guide For Anyone Working With Horses In Canada

by (author) Catherine Willson

Mental Health in the Workplace

Strategies for Employers, Employees, and the Self-Employed

by (author) Priscilla Omulo

Canadian Business Owner’s Guide to Reconciliation

Best Practices for Indigenous Inclusion

by (author) Alison Tedford

Build Your Family Tree

A Guide For Canadians With Local And Global Roots

by (author) Lynne Butler

Canadian Immigration Handbook

A Guide to Essential Immigration Knowledge

by (author) Hui Zhang

Work From Home Zone

Helping Entrepreneurs and Employees Integrate Work and Life

by (author) Angela Crocker

Stay Woke, Not Broke

Protect Your Brand in Today's Business Climate

by (author) Alison Tedford

Amplifying Indigenous Voices in Business

Indigenization, Reconciliation, and Entrepreneurship

by (author) Priscilla Omulo

Navigating The Criminal Justice System in Canada

A Guide For Self-represented Accused, Victims, and Witnesses

by (author) Peter Keen

One Meal a Day Diet

Lose up to 10 Pounds in a Week with Simplified Intermittent Fasting

by (author) Diana Polska

Divorce Kit for British Columbia

This kit includes a guide to divorce in BC and downloadable instructions and forms

by (author) Aman Kahlon

Power of Attorney Kit

by (author) Peter J. Georgas

So You've Been Appointed Executor

by (author) Tom Carter & Elyssa Lockhart

Landlord's Rental Forms - British Columbia (Paper)

by (author) Self-Counsel Press

Chronic Profit

Building Your Small Business While Managing Persistent Pain

by (author) Alison Tedford

Mediation Guide

Navigate the faster, cheaper, kinder process

by (author) David Greig

Separation Agreement

by (author) David R. Greig

Savvy Real Estate Investing

Create a Passive Income Stream and Make Money in Your Sleep

by (author) Shazia Virani

Business Transition Coach

Your guide to succession planning, exit strategies, and preparing for the big handoff

by (author) Wayne Vanwyck

Advance Care Planning

Prepare for Serious Illness by Sharing Your Wishes for Future Health and Personal Care

by (author) Connie Jorsvik

Chairing a Meeting

The Quick and Essential Guide to Rules of Order

by (author) Kevin Paul

You and the Internet of Things

A Practical Guide to Understanding and Integrating the IoT into Your Daily Life

by (author) Vicki McLeod

Writer's Guide to Speculative Fiction: Science Fiction and Fantasy

by (author) Crawford Kilian & Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Dark Art of Pricing

Deliberately Pricing for Profit

by (author) Andrew Gregson

Digital Life Skills for Youth

A Guide for Parents, Guardians, and Educators

by (author) Angela Crocker

Border Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Living, Working, and Investing Across the Border

by (author) Robert Keats

Write Your Legal Will in 3 Easy Steps - CAN

Everything you need to write a legal will

by (author) Tom Carter & Elyssa Lockhart

Living Wills Kit

by (author) Tom Carter & Elyssa Lockhart

Digital Legacy Plan

A guide to the personal and practical elements of your digital life before you die

by (author) Angela Crocker & Vicki McLeod

Putting Your Affairs in Order

A leave-behind guide for your loved ones

by (author) G. Edmond Burrows

Contesting a Will without a Lawyer

The DIY Guide for Canadians

by (author) Lynne Butler

Your Child's Voice

A Caregiver's Guide to Advocating for Kids with Special Needs, Disabilities, or Others Who May Fall through the Cracks

by (author) Cynthia Lockrey

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