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Promontory Press

Books from this publisher

Widow 1881

by (author) Sara Dahmen

Beyond Control

The seed has been sown

by (author) Lawrence Verigin

Threaten to Undo Us

by (author) Rose Selier Scott


Standing Inside Oneself

by (author) Mira Sai

Calm is Greater than Joy

by (author) Shirishkumar S. Murthy

When the Eye is Unobstructed

Mindfulness Stories For Awakening

by (author) Francis Valloor

The Long Road to Nowhere

From Is To Bliss

by (author) Bharat Savur

Not a Serpent, Not a Rope

by (author) Clifford W. DeSilva

The Lies About Truth

by (author) Karl Renz

How I Met Ramesh

The way Existence mysteriously led spiritual seekers to Ramesh Balsekar

edited by Yogesh Sharma


Circumambulations around the Satguru's path

by (author) Jitendra Pant


The road to ultimate truth

by (author) Shakuntala Hawoldar

Walking With Turtles

Mindfulness Stories For The Spiritual Journey

by (author) Francis Valloor


Your sex energy transformed

by (author) Swami Paramananda

Seeing Your Face Without a Mirror

Mindfulness Stories Of Self-Realisation

by (author) Francis Valloor

Sage Mukundraj's Paramaamrita

Pointers To Self Realization

by (author) Ramesh Balsekar

Play the Ball Where the Monkey Leaves It

Mindfulness Stories For Daily Living

by (author) Francis Valloor

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Talks by Dr. Jayadeva and Smt. Hansaji

by (author) Dr Jayadeva Togendra & Smt Hansaji

Like a large immovable rock

A Fastschrift in appreciation of Ramesh S. Balsekar

by (author) Dr Colin Mallard

Miles to Millions

One aviator's amazing true story

by (author) Bill Grenier

A Bit of Candy in Hard Times

by (author) Blaine Beveridge

The Great Garden Race

by (author) Miles Davis

Guilty Deeds

by (author) Scott D. Smith

Guilty Deeds

by (author) Scott Smith

Lead Like a Heretic

How to Challenge the Status Quo - and Thrive

by (author) Dr Phil Johnson

Lead Like a Heretic

How to Change the Status Quo - and Survive

by (author) Phil Johnson

Robby the R-Word

by (author) Leif Wright

Robby the R-Word

by (author) Leif M. Wright

The Moral Work of Nursing

Asking and living with the questions

by (author) Hazel J. Magnussen

Angel in Blue Jeans

by (author) Richard L. Coles

Seed of Control

Generations to Execute

by (author) Lawrence Verigin

The Devil's Flood

by (author) Pearl R. Meaker

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