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Playwrights Canada Press

Books from this publisher

Peace Country

by (author) Pedro Chamale


by (author) Joelle Peters

Women of the Fur Trade

by (author) Frances Koncan

First Métis Man of Odesa

by (author) Matthew MacKenzie & Mariya Khomutova

Black Boys

by (author) Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Tawiah M’Carthy & Thomas Antony Olajide
with Virgilia Griffith & Jonathan Seinen

Ravage of Life

by (author) Evelyne de la Chenelière
translated by Louise H. Forsyth

Fall On Your Knees

adapted by Alisa Palmer
by (author) Hannah Moscovitch
original author Ann-Marie MacDonald

Staging Coyote's Dream Volume 3

edited by Monique Mojica & Lindsay Lachance


Dramaturgies of Participation

by (author) Jenn Stephenson & Mariah Horner
illustrated by Jeff McGilton

Power Moves

Dance, Culture, Politics

edited by Seika Boye & M.J. Thompson

cockroach (曱甴)

by (author) Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho)

Espejos: Clean

by (author) Christine Quintana
translated by Paula Zelaya-Cervantes

The Party & The Candidate

by (author) Kat Sandler

I Forgive You

by (author) Scott Jones & Robert Chafe

The Green Line | خطّ التماس

by (author) Makram Ayache
translated by Hiba Sleiman

The Black Drum

by (author) Adam Pottle

Frozen River (nîkwatin sîpiy)

by (author) Michaela Washburn, Joelle Peters & Carrie Costello

Retreating to Re-Treat

A Performative Encounter at the 'Edge of the Woods'

by (author) The Collective Encounter
with Jill Carter

Everything I Couldn't Tell You

by (author) Jeff D'Hondt

Freedom: A Mixtape

edited by Marcel Stewart
with Suitcase in Point

Dalhousie THEA 4501 Bundle 2023

by (author) Shauntay Grant, Frances Koncan & Michel Marc Bouchard
translated by Linda Gaboriau

This is Beyond

A Time Capsule of Queer Experience

edited by Evan Tsitsias & Bilal Baig


by (author) Pamela Mala Sinha


by (author) Pamela Mala Sinha

There is Violence and There is Righteous Violence and There is Death or, The Born-Again Crow

by (author) Caleigh Crow


by (author) Mishka Lavigne

Queen Goneril

by (author) Erin Shields

The Master Plan

by (author) Michael Healey


The Legend of Sissy Mary

by (author) Mary-Colin Chisholm

From the Ashes

Six Solo Plays

edited by Shauntay Grant

The Jungle

by (author) Anthony MacMahon & Thomas McKechnie

among men

by (author) David Yee

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