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Penguin Group Canada

Books from this publisher

A Grandmother Begins the Story

by (author) Michelle Porter

Cook It Wild

Sensational Make-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors

by (author) Chris Nuttall-Smith

Meet Me at the Lake

by (author) Carley Fortune

Prisoner #1056

How I Survived War and Found Peace

by (author) Roy Ratnavel

Quantum Physics Made Me Do It

A Simple Guide to the Fundamental Nature of Everything

by (author) Jeremie Harris

Halal Sex

The Intimate Lives of Muslim Women in North America

by (author) Sheima Benembarek

Your Driver Is Waiting

A Novel

by (author) Priya Guns

A Generous Meal

Modern Recipes for Dinner

by (author) Christine Flynn

Tell Me Pleasant Things about Immortality


by (author) Lindsay Wong

Down and Back

On Alcohol, Family, and a Life in Hockey

by (author) Justin Bourne


A Novel

by (author) Sara Freeman

In the Upper Country

A Novel

by (author) Kai Thomas

Evergreen Kitchen

Weeknight Vegetarian Dinners for Everyone

by (author) Bri Beaudoin

Mind Over Matter

Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

by (author) Jordin Tootoo & Stephen Brunt

All I Want for Christmas

by (author) Maggie Knox

Black Dove

by (author) Colin McAdam

The Last Doctor

Lessons in Living from the Front Lines of Medical Assistance in Dying

by (author) Jean Marmoreo & Johanna Schneller

The Future Is Now

Solving the Climate Crisis with Today's Technologies

by (author) Bob McDonald

A Minor Chorus

A Novel

by (author) Billy-Ray Belcourt

Lifesavers and Body Snatchers

Medical Care and the Struggle for Survival in the Great War

by (author) Tim Cook


A Tobacco Lawyer's Journey

by (author) Joshua Knelman

The Foghorn Echoes

by (author) Danny Ramadan

We Are Still Here

Afghan Women on Courage, Freedom, and the Fight to Be Heard

edited by Nahid Shahalimi
foreword by Margaret Atwood


A Novel

by (author) Heidi Sopinka

We Should Not Be Afraid of the Sky

by (author) Emma Hooper

Escape from Manus Prison

One Man's Daring Quest for Freedom

by (author) Jaivet Ealom

The Bright Side

A Happy Book About a Sad Year

by (author) Cathrin Bradbury

A Bit Much

by (author) Sarah Jackson

Half-Bads in White Regalia

A Memoir

by (author) Cody Caetano

The Two Spoons Cookbook

More Than 100 French-Inspired Vegan Recipes

by (author) Hannah Sunderani

All the Seas of the World

by (author) Guy Gavriel Kay

Every Summer After

by (author) Carley Fortune

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