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Penguin Group Canada

Books from this publisher

The Offing

a novel

by (author) Roz Nay

Crooked Teeth

A Queer Syrian Refugee Memoir

by (author) Danny Ramadan

The War We Won Apart

The Untold Story of Two Elite Agents Who Became One of the Most Decorated Couples of WWII

by (author) Nahlah Ayed



by (author) Billy-Ray Belcourt


by (author) Bal Khabra

The Whispers

A Novel

by (author) Ashley Audrain

A Map of the New Normal

How Inflation, War, and Sanctions Will Change Your World Forever

by (author) Jeff Rubin

This Summer Will Be Different

by (author) Carley Fortune

Plant Magic

A Celebration of Plant-Based Cooking for Everyone

by (author) Desiree Nielsen

Kitten and the Bear Cookbook

Recipes for Small Batch Preserves, Scones, and Sweets from the Beloved Shop

by (author) Sophie Kaftal & Bobby Zielinski


On Plants, Borders, and Belonging

by (author) Jessica J. Lee

Cook with Confidence

Over 100 Inspiring Recipes to Cook and Eat Together

by (author) Dennis Prescott

A Man Downstairs

A Novel

by (author) Nicole Lundrigan

The Only Constant

A Guide to Embracing Change and Leading an Authentic Life

by (author) Najwa Zebian

Tiffy Cooks

88 Easy Asian Recipes from My Family to Yours

by (author) Tiffy Chen

The Next Age of Uncertainty

How the World Can Adapt to a Riskier Future

by (author) Stephen Poloz

Batshit Seven

by (author) Sheung-King

An Unthinkable Thing

by (author) Nicole Lundrigan

Black Boys Like Me

Confrontations with Race, Identity, and Belonging

by (author) Matthew R. Morris

Your Driver Is Waiting

A Novel

by (author) Priya Guns


A Thriller

by (author) Amy McCulloch

The Mystery Guest

A Maid Novel

by (author) Nita Prose


Sourdough Loaves, Small Breads, and Other Plant-Based Baking

by (author) Ed Tatton
with Natasha Tatton

What Wild Women Do

A Novel

by (author) Karma Brown

Mind Over Matter

Hard-Won Battles on the Road to Hope

by (author) Jordin Tootoo & Stephen Brunt

Life in Two Worlds

A Coach's Journey from the Reserve to the NHL and Back

by (author) Ted Nolan
with Meg Masters

Three Holidays and a Wedding

by (author) Uzma Jalaluddin & Marissa Stapley

Where the Falcon Flies

A 3,400 Kilometre Odyssey From My Doorstep to the Arctic

by (author) Adam Shoalts

All I Want for Christmas

by (author) Maggie Knox

Clear Thinking

Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results

by (author) Shane Parrish

The Book of Sichuan Chili Crisp

Spicy Recipes and Stories from Fly By Jing's Kitchen [A cookbook]

by (author) Jing Gao

The Christmas Wager

by (author) Holly Cassidy

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