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Pemmican Publications

Books from this publisher

Becoming Metis

by (author) Deborah Delaronde-Falk

I Want Her to Know

by (author) Elizabeth Cooper

Those Who Walk the Road

by (author) Will George

We Like the Winter/On l'aime liverre

by (author) Edgar Danny Desjarlais

Nickle Trip

by (author) Brad Bird

A Bug in a Rug

by (author) Elaine Lariviere Chaput

Threads in the Sash

The Story of the Métis People

by (author) Fred J. Shore

Seasons of the North

by (author) Flora Rideout

Pimatisiwin - Walking in a Good Way

by (author) Mary Young

Le livre do la galette

by (author) Linda Ducharme
translated by Mona Buors

I Don't Like Bugs!

by (author) Edgar Danny Desjarlais
translated by William Sanderson
illustrated by Kimberly McKay

Chinook & Winter

by (author) Rhonda Hunter
illustrated by Jayce Lamontagne

My Children are My Reward

The Life of Elsie Spence

by (author) Alix Harpelle

The Genealogy of the First Metis Nation

by (author) Sprague Frye

Mary au Parka Rouge

by (author) Peter Eyvindson
translated by Mona Buors
illustrated by Rhian Brynjolson

Ste. Madeleine: community Without a Town

Metis Elders in Interview

by (author) Victoria Zeilig & Ken Zeilig

L'Espace de Louis Goulet

by (author) Guillaume Charette

The Birth of Nanabosho

by (author) Joe McLellan

Santa's Helper

by (author) Grant Anderson

Struggle for Recognition

Canadian Justice and the Metis Nation

by (author) Manitoba Metis Federation The

Shut the Door

by (author) Maureen Flynn

Old Enough

by (author) Peter Eyvindson

Lil' Creepers' Epic All Hallows Eve

by (author) Shawna Mathison

Cree Language Structures

by (author) Freda Ahenakew

What Happened on the Bloodvein

by (author) Matthew Tétreault

Kyle's Bath

by (author) Peter Eyvindson

I Wanted to be Elvis, So What was I Doing in Moose Jaw?

by (author) Ray St.Germain

La Lawng: Michif Peekishkwewin Vol. 1

Language Practice

by (author) Lawrence Lawrence, Rita Flamand & Norman Fleury

Me and My Canoe

by (author) Brad Bird

Our Memories of Lenny Breau

The Love Music and the Man

by (author) Valerie St.Germain

Where the Rivers Meet

by (author) Don Sawyer

Tumaas ekwa li Michif Sharey

Thomas and the Metis Cart

by (author) Bonnie Murray
illustrated by Sheldon Dawson
translated by Rita Flamand

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