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Nunavut Arctic College

Books from this publisher

Inuit Qajujimajatuqangit and reintegrating wrongdoers into the Community

Shamanism and Reintegrating Wrongdoers into the Community

by (author) Nunavut Arctic College

Cosmology and Shamanism

by (author) Nunavut Arctic College

Nirjutit Imaani

Cooking with Fish and Seal

by (author) Nunavut Arctic College

Arctic Marine Safety

edited by William Flaherty

Hunting Narwhal in Spring and Summer

by (author) William Flaherty

The Qaggiq Model

Toward a Theory of Inuktut Knowledge Renewal

by (author) Janet Tamalik McGrath

The Hands' Measure

Essays Honouring Leah Aksaajuq Otak's Contribution to Arctic Science

by (author) John MacDonald & Nancy Wachowich

Kangiryuarmiut Inuinnaqtun

Uqauhiitaa Numiktitirutait Dictionary

by (author) Emily Kudlak & Richard Compton

Inuktitut Dictionary

by (author) Alex Spalding

Hunting Polar Bear in the Winter

edited by William Flaherty

Inuit Languages and Dialects

Inuit Uqausiqatigiit

by (author) Louis-Jacques Dorais

Inuit Worldviews

An Introduction

edited by Jarich Oosten & Frédéric Laugrand

Avatimik Kamattiarniq

Arctic Ecology and Environmental Stewardship

by (author) Jordan Hoffman

Thou Shalt Do No Murder

Inuit, Injustice, and the Canadian Arctic

by (author) Kenn Harper

Inuit Laws, 2nd edition

edited by Jarich Oosten, Frédéric Laugrand & Willem Rasing


Trading with the Hudson's Bay Company

by (author) Shannon Partridge

Between Heaven and Earth

The Recollections of Felix Kupak

edited by Frédéric Laugrand & Jarich Oosten
translated by Gloria Putumiraqtuq

Childrearing Practices

Interviewing Inuit Elders: Volume 3

by (author) Jean Briggs

Too Many People

Contact, Disorder, Change in an Inuit Society, 1822-2015

by (author) Willem Rasing

Hunting Caribou in the Fall

edited by William Flaherty

Hunting Seal in the Summer

edited by William Flaherty

Uqausivut Sivummuagutivut

Our Language, Our Leadership

edited by Jeela Palluq & Louis McComber

Cosmology and Shamanism

Interviewing Inuit Elders: Volume 4

by (author) Bernard Saladin d'Anglure

Teach an Eskimo How to Read...

Conversations with Peter Freuchen Ittinuar

by (author) Thierry Rodon

We Need to Know Who We Are

The Life Story of Paul Aarulaaq Quassa

by (author) Louis McComber

Dreams and Dream Interpretation

Inuit Perspectives on the 20th Century: Volume 3

by (author) Stephane Kolb & Samuel Law

The Ethnographic Recordings of Inuit Oral Traditions by Father Guy Mary-Rousseli?re

by (author) Frederic B. Laugrand & Jarich Oosten

Fighting for Our Rights

The Life Story of Louis Tapardjuk

by (author) Louis Tapardjuk

Changing the Face of Canada

The Life Story of John Amagoalik

by (author) Louis McComber

We Call it Survival

The Life Story of Abraham Okpik

by (author) Louis McComber

Helping Ourselves by Helping Each Other

The Life Story of William Lyall

by (author) William Lyall
edited by Louis McComber

Surviving in Different Worlds

Transfering Inuit Traditions from Elders to Youth

by (author) Jarich Oosten & Frederic B. Laugrand

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