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Nightwood Editions

Books from this publisher


by (author) Matt Rader

Deepfake Serenade

by (author) Chris Banks

O Canada Crosswords Book 22

by (author) Gwen Sjogren

Bramah and the Beggar Boy

by (author) Renee Sarojini Saklikar

Sunday Drive to Gun Club Road

by (author) Marion Quednau


by (author) Tara Gereaux


by (author) Dallas Hunt

The Pit

by (author) Tara Borin

Undoing Hours

by (author) Selina Boan

Tranquility Lost

The Occupation of Tranquille and Battle for Community Care in BC

by (author) Gary Steeves


by (author) Dustin Cole

The Whole Singing Ocean

by (author) Jessica Moore

The East Side of It All

by (author) Joseph Dandurand

Fake It So Real

by (author) Susan Sanford Blades

O Canada Crosswords Book 21

by (author) Gwen Sjogren

it was never going to be okay

by (author) jaye simpson

The Sasquatch, the Fire and the Cedar Baskets

by (author) Joseph Dandurand
illustrated by Simon Daniel James


by (author) Yusuf Saadi

In the Beggarly Style of Imitation

by (author) Jean Marc Ah-Sen

Body Count

by (author) Kyla Jamieson

Birding in the Glass Age of Isolation

by (author) Curtis LeBlanc


Islamophobia in the True North

by (author) Graeme Truelove
foreword by Ihsaan Gardee

Belated Bris of the Brainsick

by (author) Lucas Crawford

Renaissance Normcore

by (author) Adèle Barclay

Bone Black

by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

O Canada Crosswords, Book 20

by (author) Gwen Sjogren

Let ’Em Howl

Lessons from a Life in Backroom Politics

by (author) Patricia Sorbara

Dead Flowers

by (author) Alex Laidlaw

Fresh Pack of Smokes

by (author) Cassandra Blanchard

Outside, America

by (author) Sarah de Leeuw

Near Miss

by (author) Laura Matwichuk

Visual Inspection

by (author) Matt Rader

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