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NeWest Press

Books from this publisher

Oldman's River

new and collected poems

by (author) Sid Marty

Hold Your Tongue

by (author) Matthew Tétreault

Rose Addams

by (author) Margie Taylor

I (Athena)

by (author) Ruth DyckFehderau

Good Morning Poems

a start to the day from famous English-language poets

by (author) George Bowering

Tracking the Caribou Queen

Memoir of a Settler Girlhood

by (author) Margaret Macpherson

How to Hold a Pebble

by (author) Jaspreet Singh

Ghosts in a Photograph

A Chronical

by (author) Myrna Kostash

Five Moves of Doom

by (author) A.J. Devlin

There Are Wolves Here Too

by (author) Niall Howell

Up The Coast

One Family's Wild Life in the Forests of British Columbia

by (author) Kathryn Willcock

Why I'm Here

by (author) Jill Frayne

Ezra's Ghosts


by (author) Darcy Tamayose

The Santa Rosa Trilogy

by (author) Wendy McGrath

The Broken Places

by (author) Frances Peck

To Those Who Killed Me

by (author) J.T. Siemens

Broken Places, The

by (author) Frances Peck


Landmark Edition

by (author) Thomas Wharton

Last Tide

by (author) Andy Zuliani

Cine Star Salon, The

by (author) Leah Ranada

The Cine Star Salon

by (author) Leah Ranada


by (author) Kieran Egan

Rescue at Fort Edmonton

by (author) Rita Feutl

rump + flank

by (author) Carol Steski

rump + flank

by (author) Carol Harvey Steski

Burning the Night

by (author) Glen Huser

Light on a Part of the Field

by (author) Kevin Holowack

Brief View from the Coastal Suite, A

by (author) Karen Hofmann

Rescue at Fort Edmonton

by (author) Rita Feutl

Rescue in the Rockies

by (author) Rita Feutl

Dominion of Mercy

by (author) Danial Neil

A Brief View from the Coastal Suite

by (author) Karen Hofmann

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