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Mosaic Press

Books from this publisher

A Thousand Twinkly Stars

by (author) Dawn Leslie
illustrated by Daphne Odjig

My Undiscovered Country

Short Stories

by (author) Cyril Dabydeen


Tributes to Remarkable Contemporaries

by (author) Jerry S. Grafstein

Once Imagined

An Artist's Journey Through Abandoned Places

by (author) Michelle Hendry

A Matter of Geography

by (author) Jasmine D'Costa

Time Flowing Backwards

A Memoir

by (author) Graeme Jefferies

François Boucher

Sociability, Mondanité and the Academy in the Age of Louis XV

by (author) Christoph Martin Vogtherr

An Act of Injustice

A Novel

by (author) Ray Argyle

The Age of Diversity

The New Cultural Map

by (author) Jean-Louis Roy
translated by Leonard Rosmarin

After the Ball is Over

by (author) Evelyn Wolfe

My Journey Through War and Peace

Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker

by (author) Melissa Burch

Selected & New Poems

by (author) Chad Norman

Next to the Ice

Exploring the Culture and Community of Hockey in Canada

by (author) Cam Cobb, Christopher J. Greig & Kara Smith


by (author) Mélanie Vincelette
translated by Sheila Fischman & Donald Winkler

Saint Germain des Prés

The Heart of Paris 1945-1955

by (author) Gérard Bonal
translated by Leonard Rosmarin

After Hours

by (author) Darrell Epp

Mighty Melvin the Magnificent Mouse

by (author) Trevor Newland

Race to Pisa

by (author) Trevor Newland

Bright Particular Stars

Canadian Performers

by (author) Martin Hunter

From Innocence to Impudence

Growing Up in Trinidad in the 1950s

by (author) Awadh Jaggernath


Selected Poems

by (author) Pablo Armando Fernandez
foreword by Margaret Atwood

Love Poems

by (author) Irving Layton

The T.E. Lawrence Poems

by (author) Gwendolyn MacEwen

Forgotten Places of the North

by (author) S.R. Gage

A Garden of Anchors

Selected Poems

by (author) Joy Kogawa

Fleeting City

by (author) Hovhannes Tekgyozyan

Two Jews, Two Arabs, Two Britons

Their Lives Under the British Mandate

by (author) Hadara Lazar

Tender in the Age of Fury

by (author) Brandon Pitts

Red Coat Diaries Volume II

More True Stories from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

edited by Aaron Sheedy

Flight from the USSR

by (author) Dato Turashvili Dato Turashvili

Could You Please Please Stop Singing?

by (author) Sabyasachi Nag

A Question of Return

by (author) Robert Carr

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