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McClelland & Stewart

Books from this publisher

Fast Commute

A Poem

by (author) Laurie D. Graham

Burning Questions

Essays and Occasional Pieces, 2004-2021

by (author) Margaret Atwood

Cereus Blooms at Night

Penguin Modern Classics Edition

by (author) Shani Mootoo

Except the Dying

25th Anniversary Edition

by (author) Maureen Jennings

A Hero of Our Time

A Novel

by (author) Naben Ruthnum


A Novel

by (author) Terry Fallis

Rez Rules

My Indictment of Canada's and America's Systemic Racism Against Indigenous Peoples

by (author) Chief Clarence Louie

Rez Rules - Signed Edition

My Indictment of Canada's and America's Systemic Racism Against Indigenous People

by (author) Chief Clarence Louie

The Spirits Up

A Novel

by (author) Todd Babiak

Nothing But the Truth

A Memoir

by (author) Marie Henein

August into Winter

A Novel

by (author) Guy Vanderhaeghe

Red X

A Novel

by (author) David Demchuk

Operation Angus

A Novel

by (author) Terry Fallis

The Most Precious Substance on Earth

by (author) Shashi Bhat

Missed Connections

A Memoir in Letters Never Sent

by (author) Brian Francis

Work for a Million (Graphic Novel)

by (author) Amanda Deibert & Eve Zaremba
illustrated by Selena Goulding


by (author) Don McKay

What Strange Paradise

A Novel

by (author) Omar El Akkad

They Said This Would Be Fun

Race, Campus Life, and Growing Up

by (author) Eternity Martis

Care Of

Letters, Connections, and Cures

by (author) Ivan Coyote

Letters in a Bruised Cosmos

by (author) Liz Howard


A Novel

by (author) Cedar Bowers


by (author) Jordan Abel

Not Dark Yet

by (author) Peter Robinson

Women of the Pandemic

Stories from the Frontlines of COVID-19

by (author) Lauren McKeon

Victoria Sees It

by (author) Carrie Jenkins


by (author) Rebecca Salazar

It Doesn't Matter What We Meant


by (author) Rob Winger


Building a Better World for All

by (author) Mark Carney

Satellite Love

A Novel

by (author) Genki Ferguson

Half Life

by (author) Krista Foss

Natural Killer

A Memoir

by (author) Harriet Alida Lye

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