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Mawenzi House Publishers Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Isolated Incident

by (author) Mariam Pirbhai

Nila: The Bleeding Garden

by (author) Laila Re

Bature! West African Haikai

by (author) Richard Stevenson

Yellow Watch, The

Journey of a Portuguese Woman

by (author) Carmelinda Scian

Yellow Watch

Journey of a Portuguese Woman

by (author) Carmelinda Scian

Streams that Lead Somewhere

by (author) Fareh Malik

Those Who Eat the Cascadura

by (author) Sam Selvon

de book of Joseph

by (author) Pamela Mordecai

Toronto, I Love You

by (author) Didier Leclair
translated by Elaine Kennedy

In the Bowl of My Eye

by (author) Keith Garebian

Any Girl

by (author) Caroline van Rooyen

Confluences 3

Essays on the New Canadian Literature

edited by Dannabang Kuwabong

Voyage, The

by (author) H. Nigel Thomas


by (author) Rima Elkouri
translated by Phyllis Aronoff & Howard Scott

searching for eastman

by (author) charles C. smith

Where the Baedeker Leads

by (author) James Yeku

Reminders on the Path

by (author) Sheniz Janmohamed

Time of Questions, A

by (author) B. Devakanthan
translated by Nedra Rodrigo

His Sacred Army

by (author) B. Devakanthan
translated by Nedra Rodrigo

Maame (Mother)


by (author) Elizabeth Allua Vaah

Four Sufferings, The

shiku hakku

by (author) Terry Watada


by (author) Natasha Ramoutar

Somali Camel Boy, The

by (author) Nur Abdi

Island is a World, An

by (author) Sam Selvon

Youth of God, The

by (author) Hassan Ghedi Santur

SH:LAM (The Doctor)

by (author) Joseph A. Dandurand

Why Don't You Carve Other Animals

by (author) Yvonne Vera

Thin Line, The

by (author) Perparim Kapllani

Such a Lonely, Lovely Road

by (author) Kagiso Lesego Molope

Blueberries and Apricots

by (author) Natasha Kanapé Fontaine
translated by Howard Scott

Monsoon on the Fingers of God

by (author) Sasenarine Persaud

This Book Betrays My Brother

by (author) Kagiso Lesego Molope

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