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Kids Can Press

Books from this publisher

This Is Not My Story

by (author) Ryan Uytdewilligen
illustrated by David Huyck

Only Astronaut, The

by (author) Mahak Jain
illustrated by Andrea Stegmaier

Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots

by (author) Bree Galbraith
illustrated by Morgan Goble

What If I'm Not a Cat?

by (author) Kari-Lynn Winters
illustrated by Kelly Collier

Granny Left Me a Rocket Ship

by (author) Heather Smith
illustrated by Ashley Barron

Burt the Beetle Lives Here!

illustrated by Ashley Spires

What Were You Expecting?

First Words for New Parents

by (author) Cameron Spires
illustrated by Grace Cho

Van Buren Sisters vs. the Pants Police, The

by (author) J.F. Fox
illustrated by Anna Kwan

Dark Cloud

by (author) Anna Lazowski
illustrated by Penny Neville-Lee


by (author) Jack Briglio
illustrated by Claudia Dávila

Dear Street

by (author) Lindsay Zier-Vogel
illustrated by Caroline Bonne-Müller

Zeke the Weather Geek: There's a Lizard in My Blizzard

by (author) Ann Malaspina & Joan Axelrod-Contrada
illustrated by Paula Becker

Best Way to Get Your Way, The

by (author) Tanya Lloyd Kyi
illustrated by Chanelle Nibbelink

Binky the Space Cat: The Top Secret Collection

illustrated by Ashley Spires


Wildlife at the Ends of the Earth

by (author) L.E. Carmichael
illustrated by Byron Eggenschwiler

Shape of You, The

by (author) Muon Thi Van
illustrated by Miki Sato


by (author) Alison Hughes

Hiders Seekers Finders Keepers

How Animals Adapt in Winter

by (author) Jessica Kulekjian
illustrated by Salini Perera

Beware the Burmese Pythons

And Other Invasive Animal Species

by (author) Etta Kaner
illustrated by Phil Nicholls

Where We Live

Mapping Neighborhoods of Kids Around the Globe

by (author) Margriet Ruurs
illustrated by Wenjia Tang

We Are Many

by (author) Dave Cameron
illustrated by Suharu Ogawa

Person Can Be ..., A

by (author) Kerri Kokias
illustrated by Carey Sookocheff

Bird Feeder, The

by (author) Andrew Larsen
illustrated by Dorothy Leung

Most Magnificent Idea, The

illustrated by Ashley Spires

I Am Not a Tin Can!

illustrated by Barroux

Whales to the Rescue

How Whales Help Engineer the Planet

by (author) Adrienne Mason
illustrated by Kim Smith

Izzy's Tail of Trouble

by (author) Caroline Adderson
illustrated by Kelly Collier

Only the Trees Know

by (author) Jane Whittingham
illustrated by Cinyee Chiu

Poopy Science

Getting to the Bottom of What Comes Out Your Bottom

by (author) Edward Kay
illustrated by Mike Shiell

Fossil Whisperer, The

How Wendy Sloboda Discovered a Dinosaur

by (author) Helaine Becker
illustrated by Sandra Dumais

Tayra's Not Talking

by (author) Lana Button
illustrated by Christine Battuz

Wednesday Wilson Fixes All Your Problems

by (author) Bree Galbraith
illustrated by Morgan Goble

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