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Kegedonce Press

Books from this publisher

North of Middle Island

by (author) Daniel (.D.A.). Lockhart

leave some for the birds

movements for justice

by (author) Marjorie Beaucage

Silence to Strength

Writings and Reflections on the 60s Scoop

edited by Christine Smith

Serpents and Other Spiritual Beings

by (author) Bomgiizhik Isaac Murdoch
translated by Patricia BigGeorge

Through the Eyes of Asunder

by (author) Neal Shannacappo

Slam Coalkan

Performance Poetry: the Condor and the Eagle Meet

edited by Jennifer Murrin & Renata Tupinambá

These are the Stories

Memories of a 60s Scoop Survivor

by (author) Christine Smith


illustrated by Sharon King

Go Down Odawa Way

by (author) Daniel Lockhart

Coyote Takes a Walk

by (author) Joseph Urie


by (author) Nathan Niigan Noodin Adler
read by Wesley French & Simon Lee Phillips

Crooked Good, The

by (author) Louise Halfe

Blue Marrow

by (author) Louise Halfe

Ghost Lake

by (author) Nathan Adler

Angel Wing Splash Pattern

20th Anniversary Edition

by (author) Richard Van Camp

Moccasin Souls

by (author) Jules Koostachin

Krillian Key, The

Salamander Run

by (artist) Neal Shannacappo

Trail of Nenaboozhoo, The

and Other Creation Stories

text by Bomgiizhik Isaac Murdoch
by (artist) Christi Belcourt

Keeshig and the Ojibwe Pterodactyls

by (author) Keeshig Spade & Celeste Pedri-Spade
illustrated by Robert Spade


by (author) Tunchai Redvers

Sitting by the Rapids

by (author) Albert Dumont

You are Enough

love poems for the end of the world

by (author) Smokii Sumac

Unearthing Secrets, Gathering Truths

by (author) Jules Koostachin

creole métisse of french canada, me

by (author) Sharron Proulx-Turner

Neechie Hustle

by (author) Neal McLeod


by (author) Gwen Benaway

Stone Gift, The

by (author) Deborah Delaronde


by (author) Nathan Adler

Way of Thorn and Thunder, The

Volumes 1-3

by (author) Daniel Heath Justice
edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm


A Humour Composite

by (author) Basil H. Johnston
edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

Gentle Habit, A

by (author) Cherie Dimaline
edited by Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm

Wabigoon River Poems

by (author) David Groulx

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