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Inanna Publications

Books from this publisher

Stations of the Crossed

by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

Such a Lovely Afternoon

by (author) Patti Flather

Everything You Dream is Real

by (author) Lisa De Nikolits

Patterson House

by (author) Jane Cawthorne

Hypatia's Wake

by (author) Susan Andrews Grace


by (author) Vivian Zenari

A Knife in the Sky

by (author) Marie-Célie Agnant
translated by Katia Grubisic

The Loneliness of the Time Traveller

by (author) Erika Rummel

Sensorial: A Poetry Collection

A Poetry Collection

by (author) Carolyne Van Der Meer


Song of Justice

by (author) Kathleen Schmitt

Who Is Kim Ondaatje?

The Inventive Life of a Canadian Artist

by (author) Lola Tostevin

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

by (author) Candas Jane Dorsey

Still Living the Edges: A Disabled Women's Reader

A Disabled Women's Reader

edited by Diane Driedger


by (author) Irene Marques

29 leads to love

by (author) Salimah Valiani

Pigeon Soup and Other Stories

by (author) Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli

Bird Shadows

by (author) Jennie Morrow

Min Hayati

by (author) Rayya Liebich

My Best Friend Was Angela Bennett

by (author) Suzanne Hillier

Narrows of Fear


by (author) Carol Rose GoldenEagle

Paper Stones

by (author) Laurie Ray Hill

One Bead at a Time

by (author) Beverly Little Thunder
with Sharron Proulx-Turner
read by Jules Koostachin

Festival of All Souls

by (author) Jean Eng

To the Men Who Write Goodbye Letters

by (author) Gianna Patriarca

Blue Bear Woman

by (author) Virginia Pesempaeo Bordeleau
translated by Susan Ouriou & Christelle Morelli
read by Tai Amy Grauman

Early Days, Early Dancers

Early Years of the National Ballet of Canada

by (author) Jocelyn Terell Allen

Dear Hearts

by (author) Barbara Miller Biles

Radiant Shards: Hoda's North End Poems

by (author) Ruth Panofsky

The Talking Drum

by (author) Lisa Braxton

The Envy of Paradise

by (author) Jocelyn Cullity

A Generous Spirit

Selected Works by Beth Brant

edited by Janice Gould

The Dowager Empress: Poems by Adele Wiseman

edited by Elizabeth Greene
by (author) Adele Wiseman

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