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Iguana Books

Books from this publisher

Stories of Resilience and Courage

Women Coaches Form a Global Community

by (author) Sheila Hurtig Roberston

Le verger de M. Drumlin

by (author) Keith Weaver

Rockin with the Bolders

by (author) Paul Trinetti
illustrated by Denis Proulx

Johnny Sandleaves

by (author) Lucien Firman Cattrysse

Big White

by (author) Keith Weaver

The Eye of the Bedbug

by (author) Allan Davis

Convictions of a Chef

Cooking for the Counterculture and the One Percent

by (author) Evan Marcus-Rotman

The Eye of the Chicken

by (author) Allan Davis


by (author) Keith Weaver

Burdens to Bury

A Tarasyn/Osprey Alberta North Mystery

by (author) Jaroslav (Jerry) Petryshyn


A Memoir of Movement

by (author) Jesse O'Reilly-Conlin

Feed the Hungry

How to Set Up and Run a Successful Meal Program

by (author) Shannah Pogline

Long Way Back

by (author) David Bowra

Confined to the Sidelines

New and Selected Verses

by (author) Jeff Nisker

Brown Boy Barely Blossoms

by (author) Afzal Huda

A Snake on the Heart

History, Mystery, and Truth:The Entangled Journeys of a Biographer and His Nazi Subject

by (author) Patrick Shane Wolfe


by (author) Allan Davis

Pay What It's Worth

You Don't Need to Set a Price on Value

by (author) Tara Joyce

Goodnight, Mr. Knight

by (author) Allan Davis

Love and Injustice in Medicine

Annotated Narrative Ethics Explorations

by (author) Jeff Nisker

Mr. Laurence, I Presume…

A Novel

by (author) Joseph Sciuto

True to Life

Fifty Steps to Help You Write Your Story

by (author) Beth Kaplan

All My Loving

Coming of Age with Paul McCartney in Paris

by (author) Beth Kaplan

The Unexpected Journeys of Lawrence Tyrone

A Novel

by (author) A.K. Blackman

And Then There Was Maggie

by (author) Keith Weaver


A Hamilton St. James Mystery

by (author) Peter Cleveland


by (author) Paul MacLeod

Beyond the Headlights

by (author) Allan Davis

Storage Storeys

by (author) Michelle Black

How I Invented the Internet

A Memoir

by (author) Marilyn Carr

Not Proven

The Second Book in the Punanai Series

by (author) David James Elliott

Thorneside Stories

A Mix of Sun and Cloud

by (author) Christopher Cameron

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