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Books from this publisher

Hockey Moms

The Heart of the Game

by (author) Theresa Bailey & Terry Marcotte

Santa ABC

by (author) George Fewster

After the Bite

An Argeneau Novel

by (author) Lynsay Sands

Unti Holness Memoir

by (author) Balarama Holness


Why We Go Back to Where We Come From

by (author) Kamal Al-Solaylee

Valley of the Birdtail

An Indian Reserve, a White Town, and the Road to Reconciliation

by (author) Andrew Stobo Sniderman & Douglas Sanderson


A Novel

by (author) Emma Donoghue

The Spectacular

A Novel

by (author) Zoe Whittall

The Betrayal of Anne Frank \ ¿Quién traicionó a Ana Frank? (Spanish edition)

La investigación que revela el secreto jamás contado

by (author) Rosemary Sullivan

The Light of Days Low Price CD

The Untold Story of Women Resistance Fighters in Hitler's Ghettos

by (author) Judy Batalion
read by Mozhan Marno

Are You Sara?

A Novel

by (author) S.C. Lalli

Because You Are

by (author) Jael Richardson
illustrated by Nneka Myers

A Dreadful Splendour

A Novel

by (author) B.R. Myers

The Case of the Murderous Dr. Cream

The Hunt for a Victorian Era Serial Killer

by (author) Dean Jobb

The Chase

by (author) Lynsay Sands

In the Dark We Forget

A Novel

by (author) Sandra S.G. Wong

Everyone Knows Your Mother Is a Witch

A Novel

by (author) Rivka Galchen

The Ghosts of Paris

A Novel

by (author) Tara Moss

Twice as Perfect

by (author) Louisa Onomé

All I Stole From You

A Novel

by (author) Ava Bellows

Poison Lilies

A Novel

by (author) Katie Tallo


A Novel

by (author) Kenneth Oppel

Where Do Your Feelings Live?

by (author) Catherine Hernandez
illustrated by Myriam Chery

The Fabulous Zed Watson!

by (author) Basil Sylvester
illustrated by Kevin Sylvester


A Novel

by (author) Thomas King

The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza

by (author) Mac Barnett
illustrated by Shawn Harris

Daughters of the Occupation

A Novel of WWII

by (author) Shelly Sanders

Second Place

A Novel

by (author) Rachel Cusk

Immortal Rising

by (author) Lynsay Sands

How to Solve a Cold Case

And Everything Else You Wanted To Know About Catching Killers

by (author) Michael Arntfield

My Grandfather's Knife

Hidden Stories from the Second World War

by (author) Joseph Pearson

Hana Khan Carries On

A Novel

by (author) Uzma Jalaluddin

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