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Gaspereau Press Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Write, Print, Fold and Staple

On Poetry and Micropress in Canada

by (author) Jim Johnstone


An incidental printing of Gerald Manley Hopkin’s “Pied Beauty”

by (author) Andrew Steeves & Christopher Patton

I’mpossible collab

by (author) Klara du Plessis

Tiger Poems

by (author) Clare Thiessen


by (author) Harry Thurston

Before Combustion

by (author) Nicholas Bradley

After the Harvest

by (author) Keagan Hawthorne

Kill Your Starlings

by (author) Tom Cull

No Place Like

by (author) Adam Beardsworth


by (author) Natalie Rice

The Sad Truth

by (author) Karen Schindler

Beaver Books for a Dime

A Bibliographic History of the Children's Books of Brunswick Press 1952-1984

by (author) Susan R. Fisher & Margot Stafford

Alan Syliboy

Culture is Our Medicine

by (author) Ray Cronin

World Naked Bike Ride

by (author) Lisa Fishman

The Filling Station

by (author) Leesa Dean


by (author) Sue Goyette


Tribute Sequences, for Robert Graves

by (author) Sean Howard


by (author) Sylvia D. Hamilton

Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography

by (author) Michael Goodfellow

Surrender & Resistance

by (author) Katie Fewster-Yan

Shadow Blight

by (author) Annick MacAskill

Ab Incommodo

An Annotated Checklist of Limited Edition Letterpress-printed Books and Broadsides

by (author) Andrew Steeves

Poems for Reluctant Housewives

by (author) Jennifer Harris

Third State of Being

by (author) McFadzean Sternberg

Listening Year

by (author) Samantha Sternberg

Hard Bargain Road

by (author) Susan Haldane

Colleen Wolstenholme


by (author) Ray Cronin

Voles, Not Moles

by (author) Soren Bondrup-Nielsen


by (author) George Elliott Clarke

The Tree Whisperer

Writing Poetry by Living in the World

by (author) Harold Rhenisch

Tangled and Cleft

by (author) Matt Robinson

Bibliography of New Brunswick Architecture

by (author) John Leroux

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