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Gaspereau Press Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Ab Incommodo

An Annotated Checklist of Limited Edition Letterpress-printed Books and Broadsid

by (author) Andrew Steeves

Shadow Blight

by (author) Annick MacAskill

Naturalism, An Annotated Bibliography

by (author) Michael Goodfellow

Surrender & Resistance

by (author) Katie Fewster-Yan

Poems for Reluctant Housewives

by (author) Jennifer Harris

Third State of Being

by (author) McFadzean Sternberg

Listening Year

by (author) Samantha Sternberg

Hard Bargain Road

by (author) Susan Haldane

Voles, Not Moles

by (author) Soren Bondrup-Nielsen

Colleen Wolstenholme: Complications

by (author) Ray Cronin


by (author) George Elliott Clarke

The Tree Whisperer

Writing Poetry by Living in the World

by (author) Harold Rhenisch

Tangled and Cleft

by (author) Matt Robinson

Bibliography of New Brunswick Architecture

by (author) John Leroux

Body Parts

by (author) Anna Quon

The Rublev Horse

by (author) Jake Kennedy


9/11 Poems, Then As Now

by (author) Sean Howard

If, When

by (author) Bren Simmers

Call Me Home

by (author) John Terpstra


by (author) Michael Meagher

Solstice 2020

An Archive

by (author) Sue Goyette

Lost River

The Waters of Remembrance, A Memoir

by (author) Harry Thurston

All New Animal Acts

Essays, Stretchers, Poems

by (author) Don McKay

Waking Ground

by (author) shalan joudry

Dirty Words

Selected Poems 1997-2016

by (author) Carmine Starnino

Experiments in Distant Influence

Notes and Poems

illustrated by Anne Simpson


A Memoir

by (author) Sue Goyette

That Tree Is Mine

by (author) Virginia Konchan


by (author) Christopher Patton

26 Visions of Light

by (author) Natalie Rice


by (author) Robin Durnford


by (author) Annick MacAskill

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