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Frontenac House Ltd.

Books from this publisher

Think of How Old We Could Get

by (author) Tyler Engström

A Selected History of Soul Speak

by (author) Andrea Thompson

Our Bodies' Unanswered Questions

by (author) Wendy Donawa

Bearmen Descend Upon Gimli

by (author) Daniel Lockhart

Very Bright, Almost Pretty

by (author) Alex Williamson

Plausible Wrong Answers

by (author) Tyler B. Perry
illustrated by Anna Navarro

Let This Lake Remember

by (author) Joan Shillington

Nautilus and Bone

by (author) Lisa Richter

A Brush With Depth

The Art of Rick Sealock

by (artist) Rick Sealock
with Christina Vester


by (author) Mark Vitaris


Poetic Portraits of People

edited by Sheri-D Wilson

Impact Statement

by (author) Bob Stallworthy

Common Brown House Moths

by (author) Laura Zacharin

Baddie One Shoe

by (author) Natalie Meisner

Against Forgetting

by (author) Keith Garebian

Waterline Immersion

by (author) Conrad Scott

This Was Our Valley

by (author) Shirlee Matheson & Earl Pollon

A Love Letter to Emily C

by (author) Sheri-D Wilson

pressure cooker love bomb

by (author) Sharanpal Ruprai


menstrual manifestos for our times

edited by Rosanna Deerchild, Ariel Gordon & Tanis MacDonald

Drifting Like a Metaphor

Calgary Poets of Promise

edited by Micheline Maylor

Walking Through Turquoise

by (author) Laurie MacFayden
edited by Micheline Maylor

The Riparian

by (author) Lisa Pasold
edited by Micheline Maylor

A Tincture of Sunlight

by (author) Vivian Hansen
edited by Micheline Maylor

This Wound is a World

by (author) Billy-Ray Belcourt
edited by Micheline Maylor

There Goes the Neighbourhood

Short Stories

by (author) Stan Rogal
managing editor Terry Davies
designed by Neil Petrunia


And The Unfinished Script

by (author) Tyler Trafford
edited by Terry Davies
cover design or artwork by Mary Haasdyk
designed by Neil Petrunia

Lost: Unsolved Mysteries of Canadian Aviation

by (author) Shirlee Smith Matheson