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Freehand Books

Books from this publisher

The Harvesters

by (author) Jasmina Odor

Art of Camouflage

by (author) Sara Power

The Game of Giants

by (author) Marion Douglas

Moving to Delilah

by (author) Catherine Owen

Tales for Late Night Bonfires

by (author) G.A. Grisenthwaite

The Abduction of Seven Forgers

by (author) Sean Dixon

The Definition of Beautiful

A Memoir

by (author) Charlotte Bellows

Many Mothers, Seven Skies

Scenes for Tomorrow

by (author) Joan Crate, Cheryl Foggo & Tchitala Nyota Kamba

In the Defense of Liberty

by (author) Keith Maillard

End Times

by (author) Michelle Syba

Exit Strategies

by (author) Paul Cresey


by (author) Ali Bryan

Who Has Seen the Wind

by (author) W.O. Mitchell
illustrated by William Kurelek

Sixty-Seven Ontological Studies

49 Poems and 18 Photographs

by (author) Jan Zwicky & Robert V. Moody

Modern Fables

by (author) Mikka Jacobsen

Nine Dash Line

by (author) Emily Saso

The Taste of Hunger

by (author) Barbara Joan Scott

You Still Look the Same

by (author) Farzana Doctor

Night in the World

by (author) Sharon English


by (author) Dawn Promislow

Minerva's Owl

The Bereavement Phase of My Marriage

by (author) Carol Matthews

The Quick

by (author) Barbara Joan Scott

The Prairie Chicken Dance Tour

by (author) Dawn Dumont

The Party Is Here

by (author) Georgina Beaty

Great Adventures for the Faint of Heart

by (author) Cary Fagan

This Strange Visible Air

Essays on Aging and the Writing Life

by (author) Sharon Butala

The Bridge

Writing Across the Binary

by (author) Keith Maillard

The Lover, the Lake

by (author) Virginia Pésémapéo Bordeleau
translated by Susan Ouriou

Big Reader


by (author) Susan Olding

One Madder Woman

by (author) Dede Crane

Universal Disorder

by (author) Bernice Friesen

If Sylvie Had Nine Lives

by (author) Leona Theis

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