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Fernwood Publishing

Books from this publisher

Caught in the Eye of the Storm

Urban Revitalization in Toronto’s Lawrence Heights

by (author) Jon Careless

Hot Mess

Mothering Through a Code Red Climate Emergency

by (author) Sarah Marie Wiebe
foreword by Rachel yacaaʔał George

One Box

by (author) Andi Vicente
illustrated by Allan Matudio

Hidden Politics in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

by (author) Adam Sneyd
foreword by James Schneider

The Canadian Non-profit Sector

Neoliberalism and the Assault on Community

by (author) Ted Richmond & John Shields
foreword by Axelle Janczur

Thinking Systematics

Critical-Dialectical Reasoning for a Perilous Age and a Case for Socialism

by (author) Murray E.G. Smith & Tim Hayslip

Thyme Travellers

An Anthology of Palestinian Speculative Fiction

edited by Sonia Sulaiman

Making Space for Indigenous Feminism, 3rd Edition

edited by Gina Starblanket

For Land and Culture

The Grassroots Council Movement of Turkmens in Iran, 1979-1980

by (author) Peyman Vahabzadeh

Trafficking Harms

Critical Politics, Perspectives and Experiences

edited by Katrin Roots, Ann De Shalit & Emily van der Meulen

The Consulting Trap

How Professional Service Firms Hook Governments and Undermine Democracy

by (author) Chris Hurl & Leah B. Werner

Disability Politics and Theory, Revised and Expanded Edition

by (author) A.J. Withers
foreword by Robyn Maynard
afterword by Rachel da Silveira Gorman

About Canada: Health and Illness, 3rd Edition

by (author) Dennis Raphael

Sugar Kids

A Novel

by (author) Taslim Burkowicz


A Novel

by (author) Katłı̨̀ą

Unjust Transition

The Future for Fossil Fuel Workers

edited by Emily Eaton, Andrew Stevens & Sean Tucker

Ghost Citizens

Decolonial Apparitions of Stateless, Foreign and Wayward Figures in Law

by (author) Jamie Chai Yun Liew

Resisting Eviction

Domicide and the Financialization of Rental Housing

by (author) Andrew Crosby

Decolonizing Sport

edited by Janice Forsyth, Christine O’Bonsawin, Russell Field & Murray G. Phillips


by (author) Kimia Eslah

Guía De Comercio Justo

Para Construir Juntos Un Mundo Mejor

translated by Roxana Olivera & Álex Zisman
edited by Gavin Fridell, Zack Gross & Sean McHugh

The Untimely Resurrection of John Alexander MacNeil

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Tipping Point for Advanced Capitalism

Class, Class Consciousness and Activism in the “Knowledge Economy”

by (author) D.W. Livingstone

Essential Work, Disposable Workers

Migration, Capitalism and Class

by (author) Mostafa Henaway
foreword by Harsha Walia

Out To Defend Ourselves

A History of Montreal’s First Haitian Street Gang

by (author) Maxime Aurélien & Ted Rutland

Making a Home

Assisted Living in the Community for Young Disabled People

by (author) Jen Powley

Realizing a Good Life

Men’s Pathways out of Drugs and Crime

by (author) Elizabeth Comack

About Canada: Dental Care

by (author) Brandon Doucet

Property Wrongs

The Seventy-Year Fight for Public Housing in Winnipeg

by (author) Doug Smith

Driving in Palestine التحرّك في فلسطين

by (author) Rehab Nazzal رحاب نزال

Global Fishers

The Politics of Transnational Movements

by (author) Elyse Noble Mills

Solidarity Beyond Bars

Unionizing Prison Labour

by (author) Jordan House & Asaf Rashid

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