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Fernwood Publishing

Books from this publisher

Solidarity Beyond Bars

Unionizing Prison Labour

by (author) Jordan House & Asaf Rashid

Doing Anti-Oppressive Social Work, 4th ed.

Rethinking Theory and Practice

edited by Donna Baines, Natalie Clark & Bindi Bennett
foreword by Raven Sinclair (Ótiskewápíwskew)
afterword by Wanda Thomas Bernard

Abolitionist Intimacies

by (author) El Jones

Frequently Asked White Questions

by (author) Ajay Parasram & Alex Khasnabish

Worlds at Stake

Climate Politics, Ideology, and Justice

by (author) Aaron Saad

Future on Fire

Capitalism and the Politics of Climate Change

by (author) David Camfield

Country of Poxes

Three Germs and the Taking of Territory

by (author) Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay

Ruby Red Skies

by (author) Taslim Burkowicz

We Were Not The Savages, First Nations History, 4th ed.

Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations

by (author) Daniel N. Paul
foreword by Pamela Palmater

This House Is Not a Home

by (author) Katłıà


Honouring the Children of Residential Schools

by (artist) Jackie Traverse
foreword by Geraldine (Gramma) Shingoose

Power and Resistance, 7th ed.

Critical Thinking About Canadian Social Issues

edited by Jessica Antony, Wayne Antony & Les Samuelson

Advocating for Palestine in Canada

Histories, Movements, Action

edited by Emily Regan Wills, Jeremy Wildeman, Michael Bueckert & Nadia Abu-Zahra
foreword by Libby Davies

Kaandossiwin, 2nd Edition

How We Come to Know: Indigenous Re-Search Methodologies

by (author) Kathleen E. Absolon (Minogiizhigokwe)

Making Sense of Society

Power and Possibility

by (author) Alex Khasnabish

White Benevolence

Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions

edited by Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean & Verna St. Denis

Capitalism and Dispossession

Corporate Canada at Home and Abroad

edited by David P. Thomas & Veldon Coburn

Abortion to Abolition

Reproductive Health and Justice in Canada

by (author) Martha Paynter
illustrated by Julia Hutt


An Illustrated History

by (author) Susan C. Boyd
designed by David Lester

Unravelling Research

The Ethics and Politics of Research in the Social Sciences

edited by Teresa Macías
afterword by Sherene H. Razack

Decolonizing Equity

edited by Billie Allan & V.C. Rhonda Hackett
foreword by OmiSoore Dryden

Tiny Engines of Abundance

A History of Peasant Productivity and Repression

by (author) Jim Handy

Reconciliation and Indigenous Justice

A Search for Ways Forward

by (author) David Milward

Critical Social Work Praxis

edited by Sobia Shaheen Shaikh, Brenda A. LeFrançois & Teresa Macías

Spin Doctors

How Media and Politicians Misdiagnosed the COVID-19 Pandemic

by (author) Nora Loreto


Single Mothers Under Welfare Surveillance

by (author) Krys Maki

Fight to Win

Inside Poor People’s Organizing

by (author) A.J. Withers

Insurgent Love

Abolition and Domestic Homicide

by (author) Ardath Whynacht

Growing and Eating Sustainably

Agroecology in Action

by (author) Dana James & Evan Bowness
foreword by Hannah Wittman


Populism, Polarization and Power in the New Saskatchewan

edited by JoAnn Jaffe, Patricia W. Elliott & Cora Sellers

The Fair Trade Handbook

Building a Better World, Together

edited by Gavin Fridell & Zack Gross
foreword by Sean McHugh

Losing Me, While Losing You

Caregivers Share Their Experiences of Supporting Friends and Family with Dementia

by (author) Jeanette A. Auger, Diane Tedford-Litle & Brenda Wallace-Allen
foreword by Janice Keefe

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