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Ekstasis Editions

Books from this publisher


new, selected & collaborative haiku

by (author) Philomene Kocher
contributions by Marco Fraticelli

Words from the Dead

Relevant Readings in the Covid Age

by (author) Sean Arthur Joyce

Watching the Light Below the Storm

by (author) Elizabeth Cunningham

Seaborn Eyes

by (author) Arianna Dagnino

Rebuilding Paradise

by (author) Robert Lalonde
translated by Jean-Paul Murray

The Fire We Share

by (author) Ilya Tourtidis


by (author) Harpreet Singh Sekha

Only You

by (author) Pasquale Verdicchio

Shape Taking

by (author) Elana Wolff

Allow Me

Poems 2000-2020

by (author) Rhonda Batchelor

Argentina Two, Uruguay Too, Cuba Tambien

by (author) Franci Louann

Glass Houses

by (author) Deborah L. Kelly

Watching the Light

by (author) Elizabeth Cunningham

Crying Houses and Other Catastrophes

by (author) John Carroll


by (author) P.W. Bridgman


by (author) Allan Briesmaster

Coventina's Well

by (author) Maureen Thorpe

Speaking in Tongues

Selected Poems

by (author) H.C. ten Berge
translated by Pleuke Boyce


by (author) Manolis Aligizakis

The Four-Faced Liar

by (author) P.W. Bridgman

The River Answers

by (author) Jude Neale

Heart Work

by (author) Susan McCaslin

Little Guys

by (author) Scott Lawrance
by (artist) Gregg Simpson

Morning Bafflement and Timeless Puzzlement

by (author) J.J. Steinfeld


by (author) Walter Hildebrandt


by (author) gillian harding-russell

Mingled Yarn

by (author) John Olson

In Praise of Small Mistakes

by (author) Lesley Choyce

Argentina poesía

by (author) Franci Louann

Driving Lessons

by (author) Jamie Dopp



by (author) Stephen Scobie

The Eleventh Hour

by (author) Carolyn Marie Souaid

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