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Doubleday Canada

Books from this publisher

What Have You Done?

by (author) Shari Lapena

Known to the Victim

by (author) K.L. Armstrong

The Lost Tarot

A novel

by (author) Sarah Henstra

How It Works Out

by (author) Myriam Lacroix

This Country Is No Longer Yours

A Novel

by (author) Avik Jain Chatlani

A Great Country

A Novel

by (author) Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Nowhere, Exactly

On Identity and Belonging

by (author) M.G. Vassanji

The Invisible Hotel

A Novel

by (author) Yeji Y. Ham

The Heart of a Superfan

A memoir of grit, love, family and basketball

by (author) Nav Bhatia
with Tamara Baluja

Twenty-Seven Minutes

by (author) Ashley Tate

It Happened One Christmas

by (author) Chantel Guertin

The Road Years

A Memoir, Continued . . .

by (author) Rick Mercer

A Little Bit Broken

A Memoir

by (author) Roz Weston


The Railway and the Rise of Canada

by (author) Stephen Bown


A novel

by (author) Brent Butt

And Then She Fell

A Novel

by (author) Alicia Elliott


by (author) Claudia Dey

Asking for a Friend

by (author) Kerry Clare

Everything There Is

by (author) M.G. Vassanji

The Accident

A Novel

by (author) Linwood Barclay

The Imposters

A Novel

by (author) Tom Rachman

Someday I'll Find You

by (author) C.C. Humphreys


by (author) Christine Lai


Fathers, sons, a portrait

by (author) David Macfarlane

Two for the Road

A Novel

by (author) Chantel Guertin

The Tragedy of Eva Mott

by (author) David Adams Richards

The Audacity

Why Being Too Much Is Exactly Enough

by (author) Katherine Ryan

Probably Ruby

A Novel

by (author) Lisa Bird-Wilson

Permanent Astonishment

Growing Up Cree in the Land of Snow and Sky

by (author) Tomson Highway

Sharp Edges

by (author) Leah Mol

The Housekeeper

by (author) Joy Fielding

The Life She Had

by (author) K.L. Armstrong

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