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Cornell University Press

Books from this publisher

A Displaced Nation

The 1954 Evacuation and Its Political Impact on the Vietnam Wars

by (author) Phi-Van Nguyen

The Politics of Love

Gender and Nation in Nineteenth-Century Poland

by (author) Natalie Cornett

Fire Dancers in Thailand's Tourism Industry

Art, Affect, and Labor

by (author) Tiffany Rae Pollock

I Try Not to Think of Afghanistan

Lithuanian Veterans of the Soviet War

by (author) Anna Reich
introduction by Paul Robinson
afterword by Adrian Bonenberger

Ecologizing Education

Nature-Centered Teaching for Cultural Change

by (author) Sean Blenkinsop & Estella C. Kuchta

Governing the Displaced

Race and Ambivalence in Global Capitalism

by (author) Ali Bhagat


October 2023

edited by Eric Tagliacozzo & Joshua Barker

Butterflies of Maine and the Canadian Maritime Provinces

by (author) Phillip G. deMaynadier, John Klymko, Ronald G. Butler, W. Herbert Wilson Jr. & John V. Calhoun
foreword by Ernest H. Williams

Russian Liberalism

by (author) Paul Robinson


April 2023

edited by Eric Tagliacozzo & Joshua Barker

The Party Family

Revolutionary Attachments and the Gendered Origins of State Power in China

by (author) Kimberley Ens Manning

Between War and the State

Civil Society in South Vietnam, 1954-1975

by (author) Van Nguyen-Marshall

Monuments for Posterity

Self-Commemoration and the Stalinist Culture of Time

by (author) Antony Kalashnikov

Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages

Exploring a Connected World

by (author) Jill Caskey, Adam S. Cohen & Linda Safran


October 2022

edited by Joshua Barker & Eric Tagliacozzo

Philosophy of the Name

by (author) Sergii Bulgakov
translated by Thomas Allan Smith

Where They Need Me

Local Clinicians and the Workings of Global Health in Haiti

by (author) Pierre Minn

Winning by Process

The State and Neutralization of Ethnic Minorities in Myanmar

by (author) Jacques Bertrand, Alexandre Pelletier & Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung

Along the Integral Margin

Uneven Development in a Myanmar Squatter Settlement

by (author) Stephen Campbell


April 2022

edited by Joshua Barker & Eric Tagliacozzo

Soviet Samizdat

Imagining a New Society

by (author) Ann Komaromi

Why Would I Be Married Here?

Marriage Migration and Dispossession in Neoliberal India

by (author) Reena Kukreja

Indonesia Journal

October 2021

edited by Joshua Barker & Eric Tagliacozzo

Radical Resilience

Athenian Topographies of Precarity and Possibility

by (author) Othon Alexandrakis

Incidental Archaeologists

French Officers and the Rediscovery of Roman North Africa

by (author) Bonnie Effros

Indonesia Journal

April 2021

edited by Joshua Barker & Eric Tagliacozzo

The Neomercantilists

A Global Intellectual History

by (author) Eric Helleiner

The Dragoman Renaissance

Diplomatic Interpreters and the Routes of Orientalism

by (author) E. Natalie Rothman

Unfixable Forms

Disability, Performance, and the Early Modern English Theater

by (author) Katherine Schaap Williams

Manpower and the Armies of the British Empire in the Two World Wars

edited by Andrew L. Brown, Douglas E. Delaney & Mark Frost

Russian Conservatism

by (author) Paul Robinson

The Future Conditional

Building an English-Speaking Society in Northeast China

by (author) Eric S. Henry

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