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Coach House Books

Books from this publisher


by (author) Harold Sonny Ladoo
foreword by Kevin Jared Hosein

Pet, Pet, Slap

by (author) Andrew Battershill

The Pear Tree Pomes

by (author) Roy Kiyooka
illustrated by David Bolduc

Good Want

by (author) Domenica Martinello

I Will Get Up Off Of

by (author) Simina Banu

Indian Winter

by (author) Kazim Ali

Stroll, updated edition

by (author) Shawn Micallef
illustrated by Marlena Zuber


by (author) Matthew Tierney

Big Mall

Shopping for Meaning

by (author) Kate Black

Pale Shadows

by (author) Dominique Fortier
translated by Rhonda Mullins


by (author) R.M. Vaughan


read by Tamara Faith Berger

Daddy Lessons

by (author) Steacy Easton


by (author) Tamara Faith Berger

There Is No Blue

by (author) Martha Baillie

The King of Terrors

by (author) Jim Johnstone

Tumbling for Amateurs

by (author) Matthew Gwathmey


by (author) Ravi Jain & Miriam Fernandes

Love Language

by (author) Nasser Hussain

To the Forest

by (author) Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette
translated by Rhonda Mullins

Soldiers, Hunters, Not Cowboys

by (author) Aaron Tucker

Not Anywhere, Just Not

by (author) Ken Sparling

The Animal in the Room

by (author) Meghan Kemp-Gee

Continuity Errors

by (author) Catriona Wright

Slows: Twice

by (author) T. Liem

Sing, Nightingale

by (author) Marie Hélène Poitras
translated by Rhonda Mullins

Falling Hour

by (author) Geoffrey Morrison

What We Talk About When We Talk About Dumplings

edited by John Lorinc
introduction by Karon Liu


by (author) Sarah L. Taggart

Fire Cider Rain

by (author) Rhiannon Ng Cheng Hin

Test Piece

by (author) Sheryda Warrener

Surface Tension

by (author) Derek Beaulieu

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