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Breakwater Books Ltd.

Books from this publisher


by (author) Rod Moody-Corbett

Animals in Captivity

by (author) Kate Segriff

Actor Needs Restraint!

Three One-Man Stage Shows

by (author) Andy Jones


by (author) Susie Taylor

Last Hours

by (author) Jennifer May Newhook


by (author) Sharon King-Campbell

Familiar Monsters of the Flood

by (author) Tia McLennan

The Chrome Chair

by (author) Danielle Devereaux

The Wind Has Robbed the Legs off a Madwoman

by (author) Agnes Walsh

A Seal of Salvage

by (author) Clayton B. Smith

Called by Mother Earth

An Enduring Search for My Son

by (author) Greg F. Naterer

Romancing History?

Wayne Johnston and “The Colony of Unrequited Dreams”

by (author) Stan Dragland

Field Guide to Newfoundland and Labrador

by (author) Michael Collins

Five for Forteau

by (author) Kevin Major

A Company of Rogues

by (author) Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

The Jewish Deli Cookbook

by (author) Jonathan Richler

Soft Serve

by (author) Allison Graves


The Sequel to My Indian

by (author) Mi'sel Joe & Sheila O'Neill

A Roll of the Bones

by (author) Trudy Morgan-Cole
read by Christa Borden

Mischief in High Places

The Life and Times of Sir Richard Squires

by (author) Ted Rowe

Let It All Fall

Underground Music and the Culture of Rebellion in Newfoundland, 1977–95

edited by Mike Heffernan

Eyes in Front When Running

by (author) Willow Kean

If We Caught Fire

by (author) Beth Ryan


by (author) Maggie Burton

The Dialysis Project

by (author) Leah Lewis


by (author) Amanda Dorothy Jean Bulman & Ruth Lawrence
illustrated by Leon Chung

It Takes a Village

Spinning the Collective Yarn

by (author) Peter Balkwill

The Ewe Who Knew Who Knit You

by (author) Cara Kansala

No One Knows about Us

by (author) Bridget Canning

Four for Fogo Island

by (author) Kevin Major

The Newfoundland and Labrador Cocktail Book

by (author) Peter Wilkins

The Raw Light of Morning

by (author) Shelly Kawaja

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