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Book*hug Press

Books from this publisher

Cane Fire

by (author) Shani Mootoo

The Absence of Zero

by (author) R. Kolewe


On Longing and Belonging through Language

edited by Ayelet Tsabari, Eufemia Fantetti & Leonarda Carranza

Iceland Is Melting and So Are You

by (author) Talya Rubin


by (author) Nic Brewer

Umbilical Cord

by (author) Hasan Namir

Letters to Amelia

by (author) Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Permanent Revolution


by (author) Gail Scott

Erase and Rewind

by (author) Meghan Bell

We, Jane

by (author) Aimee Wall

Begin By Telling

by (author) Meg Remy

Duct-Taped Roses

by (author) Billeh Nickerson

Catalogue d'oiseaux

by (author) Aaron Tucker


by (author) Therese Estacion


Three Plays

by (author) Shannon Bramer

This Radiant Life

by (author) Chantal Neveu
translated by Erï??n Moure

Propositions and Prayers

by (author) Lise Downe

Mama's Boy Game Over

by (author) David Goudreault
translated by J.C. Sutcliffe

You are Eating an Orange. You are Naked.

by (author) Sheung-King Sheung-King

You Are Eating an Orange. You Are Naked.

by (author) Sheung-King

Without Ceremony

by (author) Angela Carr

The Bones Are There

by (author) Kate Sutherland

The Lightning of Possible Storms

by (author) Jonathan Ball


by (author) Anne Cathrine Bomann
translated by Caroline Waight

Small, Broke, and Kind of Dirty

Affirmations for the Real World

by (author) Hana Shafi

Talking Animals

by (author) Joni Murphy

The Neptune Room

by (author) Bertrand Laverdure
translated by Oana Avasilichiaeoi

Where Things Touch

A Meditation on Beauty

by (author) Bahar Orang

Zip's File

A Romance of Silence

by (author) Shannon Maguire

The Handsome Man

by (author) Brad Casey

Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart

by (author) Beatriz Hausner


by (author) Julie Joosten

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