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Bayeux Arts, Inc.

Books from this publisher

Bangladesh 1971

An Accidental War Correspondent Remembers

by (author) Ashis Gupta

Terrible Feeling, The

by (author) Lisa Lucas
illustrated by Laurie Stein

Locked Gate, The

by (author) Lisa Lucas
illustrated by Laurie Stein


by (author) Lisa Lucas
illustrated by Laurie Stein

Seagull and the Barnacle, The

by (author) Judd Palmer
illustrated by Nina Palmer

Enormous Hill, The

text by Judd Palmer
illustrated by Steve Kenderes

Beyond the Terrazzo Veranda

by (author) Norman Morra

Breaking Words

Literary Confessions

by (author) George Melnyk

You have been Referred

My Life in Applied Anthropology

by (author) Michael Robinson

Green Parrots in my Garden

Poems from the Arab Middle East

by (author) Jane Ross


The House that Calls

by (author) Ashis Gupta

Destination Prairie

Two years to a Lifetime: A Young Highlnder's Journey in her new Land

by (author) Cathie Bartlett

No Rainbow and Other Poems

by (author) Laura Kooji

The Waffle and the Pancake

by (author) Geza Tatrallyay

From Cell to Sanity

by (author) Paul Lapointe

Fate Accompli

by (author) Miriam Clavir

Rebelion en la granja 2017

by (author) Ashis Gupta
illustrated by Alexiev Gandman
translated by Carolina Krupnik

Animal Farm 2017

by (author) Ashis Gupta

Lucas Cranach the Elder, Martin Luther, and the Art of the Reformation

by (author) Arjun Gupta


The Monkey who disappeared

translated by Swapna Gupta
guest editor Nina Kvorning

Bottles and Bones

by (author) Ayesha Chatterjee

Irrelevance of Space and Other Stories, The

by (author) Swapna Gupta & Ashis Gupta

Requiem for the Last Indian

by (author) Ashis Gupta

Giotto and the St Francis cycle

by (author) Bayeux Collective


Mountain Summer Memoir

by (author) Virginia May

Siberian Odyssey of Hans Schroeder, The

by (author) Ashis Gupta


The War of Flat and Wonder

by (author) James Davidge
illustrated by Jesse Davidge

Princess of Aminabad

An Ordinary Life

by (author) Sudhir Jain

Halifax Hal

An Odd Little Book

by (author) Nick Thran
illustrated by Gabe Foreman

Ganga Jamuni

Silver and Gold: A Forgotten Culture

by (author) Naz Ikramullah

Mathemagick & Mystiphysics: Apples and Origins

Featuring Hypatiaof the Wandering Stars

by (author) James Davidge
illustrated by Jesse Davidge

Road to Ruin

by (author) Bob Prodor

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