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Arsenal Pulp Press

Books from this publisher

In a Queer Country

Gay & Lesbian Studies in the Canadian Context

edited by Terry Goldie

The Everyday Vegan

Recipes & Lessons for Living the Vegan Life

by (author) Dreena Burton


by (author) Mark Macdonald

The Embroidered Couch

An Erotic Novel of China

by (author) Lu Tiancheng
translated by Lenny Hu

Hot & Bothered 3

Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire

edited by Karen X. Tulchinsky

Edmonton: Secrets of the City

by (author) Charlene Rooke

Guests in Your Garden

Facts and Folklore About Bugs, Slugs, and other Garden Creatures

by (author) Michele Davidson
drawings by Eve Corbel

A Very Lonely Planet

Love, Sex, and the Single Guy

by (author) Ryan Bigge

Flesh Wounds and Purple Flowers

The Cha-Cha Years

by (author) Francisco Ibanez-Carrasco

Fish For Thought

An Eco-Cookbook

by (author) Living Oceans Society

Vancouver: Secrets of the City

by (author) Shawn Blore

Queer Fear

Gay Horror Fiction

edited by Michael Rowe

Victoria: Secrets of the City

by (author) Kevin Barefoot & Editors of Monday Magazine

Close to Spider Man

by (author) Ivan Coyote

British Columbia Almanac

by (author) Mark Forsythe

Carnal Nation

Brave New Sex Fictions

edited by Carellin Brooks & Brett Josef Grubisic

Luck of the Draw

True-Life Tales of Lottery Winners and Losers

by (author) Chris Gudgeon & Barbara Stewart

Other Conundrums

Race, Culture, and Canadian Art

by (author) Monika Kin Gagnon

The Asthmatic Glassblower

and other poems

by (author) Billeh Nickerson


by (author) Mark Macdonald

Somewhere Running

by (author) Nathalie Stephens


Tales of Sex in the City

edited by Michele Davidson

The Face in the Mirror

Teenagers and Adoption

by (author) Marion Crook

Watermelon Row

by (author) Michael Holmes

Namely Vancouver

A Hidden History of Vancouver Place Names

by (author) Tom Snyders & Jennifer O'Rourke


An Off-the-Wall Guide to 100 Really Odd Jobs

by (author) John H. Anderson


by (author) Neil Wedman

Hammer & Tongs

A Smoking Lung Anthology

edited by Brad Cran

Swallowing Clouds

An Anthology of Chinese-Canadian Poetry

edited by Andy Quan & Jim Wong-Chu

Altered Biography

The Womb Years

by (author) Douglas Isaac

Calgary: Secrets of the City

by (author) James Martin

First Son

Portraits by C.D. Hoy

by (author) Faith Moosang
photographs by C. Hoy

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