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Anvil Press Publishers

Books from this publisher

This Day in Vancouver

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

Savage 1986-2011

by (author) Nathaniel G. Moore


by (author) Jennica Harper

Small Apartments

by (author) Chris Millis

Unus Mundus

by (author) Mari-Lou Rowley


by (author) Marita Dachsel

Sensational Victoria

Bright Lights, Red Lights, Murders, Ghosts & Gardens

by (author) Eve Lazarus

Sweet Assorted

121 Takes From a Tin Box

by (author) Jim Christy

Mutant Sex Party

by (author) Ed Macdonald

Whitetail Shooting Gallery

by (author) Annette Lapointe


by (author) Tom Osborne


by (author) Catherine Owen

Valery The Great

by (author) Elaine McCluskey

Five Little Bitches

by (author) Teresa McWhirter

A Dark Boat

by (author) Patrick Friesen

You Exist. Details Follow.

by (author) Stuart Ross

Vancouver Noir


by (author) John Belshaw & Diane Purvey

Shag Carpet Action

by (author) Matthew Firth

Mayan Horror

How to Survive the End of the World in 2012

by (author) Bob Robertson

Who Killed Janet Smith?

by (author) Edward Starkins
introduction by Daniel Francis

A Credit to Your Race

by (author) Truman Green


by (author) Nelly Arcan
translated by David Scott Hamilton

Hard Hed

The Hoosier Chapman Papers

by (author) Charles Tidler

The Song Collides

by (author) Calvin Wharton


by (author) Rachel Thompson

Ravenna Gets

by (author) Tony Burgess

The Mountie at Niagara Falls & Other Brief Stories

by (author) Salvatore Difalco


by (author) Bonnie Bowman

Spat the Dummy

by (author) Ed Macdonald


by (author) Kerry Ryan

Making Waves

Reading BC and Pacific Northwest Literature

edited by Trevor Carolan

A Room in the City

Photographs of Gabor Gasztonyi

by (photographer) Gabor Gasztonyi
introduction by Harold Rhenisch & Gabor Mate

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