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Anvil Press Publishers

Books from this publisher

Bad Endings

by (author) Carleigh Baker

Leaving Mile End

by (author) Jon Paul Fiorentino

Kubrick Red: A Memoir

by (author) Simon Roy
translated by Jacob Homel


by (author) Nathaniel G. Moore

Cretacea & Other Stories from the Badlands

by (author) Martin West

Assdeep In Wonder

by (author) Christopher Gudgeon

As if

by (author) Alban Goulden

Under the Stone (Sous beton)

by (author) Karoline Georges
translated by Jacob Homel

No Flash, Please!

Underground Music in Toronto, 1987-92

photographs by Derek von Essen
by (author) Phil Saunders

Serpentine Loop

by (author) Elee Kraljii Gardiner

The Most Heartless Town in Canada

by (author) Elaine McCluskey


by (author) Kevin Spenst

Vancouver Vanishes

Narratives of Demolition and Revival

by (author) Caroline Adderson
introduction by Michael Kluckner
by (photographer) Tracey Ayton

Rogues, Rascals, and Scalawags Too

More Ne'er-Do-Wells Through the Ages

by (author) Jim Christy

Traversing Leonard

by (author) Craig Savel

The Revolving City

51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them

edited by Wayde Compton & Renee Sarojini Saklikar


by (author) Melissa Bull

Foreign Park

by (author) Jeff Steudel

Jabbering with Bing Bong

by (author) Kevin Spenst


An Extracted History

by (author) Sun Belt

Burqa of Skin

by (author) Arcan Nelly
translated by Melissa Bull
introduction by Nancy Huston

Moss-Haired Girl

The Confessions of a Circus Performer: By Zara Zalinzi; Annotated by Joshua Chapman Green

by (author) Slansky R.H.

Vancouver Confidential

edited by John Belshaw

Sensational Vancouver

by (author) Eve Lazarus

Some Birds Walk For the Hell of It

by (author) C.R. avery

This Day in Vancouver

by (author) Jesse Donaldson

Savage 1986-2011

by (author) Nathaniel G. Moore


by (author) Jennica Harper

Small Apartments

by (author) Chris Millis

Unus Mundus

by (author) Mari-Lou Rowley


by (author) Marita Dachsel

Sweet Assorted

121 Takes From a Tin Box

by (author) Jim Christy

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