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Anvil Press

Books from this publisher


by (author) Jowita Bydlowska

After We Drowned

by (author) Jill Yonit Goldberg

The Tenants

by (author) Pat Dobie


A Novel in Three Parts

by (author) Tamas Dobozy


a Profligacy of Your Least-Expected Poems

by (author) Michael Turner

Carthaginian Peace & Other Stories

by (author) Evie Christie

A Bouquet Brought Back from Space

by (author) Kevin Spenst


Essays on the Craft and Life of Writing

edited by Andrew Chesham & Laura Farina

Naked in a Pyramid

by (author) Yosef Wosk

Asking for Directions

by (author) Matthew Firth

The Father of Rain

by (author) Martin West

Swim / into the North's Blue Eye

by (author) Annette Lapointe

Our Lady of Mile End

by (author) Sarah Gilbert

In the Slender Margin

The Intimate Strangeness of Death and Dying

screenplay by Eve Joseph


with Patrick Friesen

Fishing for Leviathan

libretto by Rodney DeCroo

Czech Techno

by (author) Mark Anthony Jarman

Glorious Birds

A Celebratory Homage to Harold and Maude

by (author) Heidi Greco

Thick Skin

Field Notes From A Sister In The Brotherhood

by (author) Hilary Peach

I Am Claude Francois and You Are a Bathtub

by (author) Stuart Ross

Derelict Bicycles

by (author) Dale Tracy

Cactus Gardens

with Evelyn Lau

This Here Paradise

screenplay by Calvin Wharton

But the sun, and the ships, and the fish, and the waves

libretto by Conyer Clayton

I Am Billy the Kid

by (author) Michael Blouin

Catastrophe Theories

by (author) Mari-Lou Rowley


by (author) Madeline Sonik


by (author) Emma Cote

The Acid Room

The Psychedelic Trials and Tribulations of Hollywood Hospital

by (author) Jesse Donaldson & Erika Dyck

No Shelter

by (author) Henry Doyle

Mouthfuls of Space

by (author) Tom Prime

All the Broken Things

by (author) Geoff Inverarity

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