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Agnes Etherington Art Centre

Books from this publisher

The Artist Herself

Self-Portraits by Canadian Historical Women Artists

by (author) Alicia Boutilier & Tobi Bruce

The Bader Collection

European Paintings

by (author) David de Witt

A Vital Force

The Canadian Group of Painters

by (author) Alicia Boutilier & Anna Hudson

Michael Campbell

Field Recordings of Icebergs Melting

by (artist) Jan Allen & Joanne Marion
foreword by Janet M. Brooke

Karin Davie


by (author) Jan Allen

Harun Farocki

one image doesn't take the place of the previous one

edited by Michèle Thériault
designed by Feed

Bernard Clark

Tattoo Portraits

by (author) Jan Allen

Vera Frenkel's String Games

by (author) Jan Allen & Earl Miller

Annie Pootoogook

Kinngait Compositions

by (author) Jan Allen

Lost and Found

Wright of Derby's View of Gibraltar

by (author) John Bonehill, Janet M. Brooke & Barbara Klempan

Don Maynard

Franken Forest

by (author) The Robert McLaughlin Gallery & Linda Jansma

New Canadiana

The Chancellor Richardson Memorial Fund and Art as Social History

by (author) Jan Allen, Alicia Boutilier & Dorothy M. Farr

William Brymner

Artist, Teacher, Colleague / Peintre, professeur et confrère

by (author) Alicia Boutilier & Paul Maréchal

Sorting Daemons

Art, Surveillance Regimes and Social Control

by (author) Jan Allen, Kirsty Robertson & Sarah E.K. Smith

Beyond the Silhouette

Fashion and the Women of Historic Kingston

by (author) M. Elaine MacKay
introduction by Dorothy M. Farr
foreword by Janet M. Brooke

Lyla Rye

Hop Scotch

introduction by Jan Allen & Joanne Marion
by (artist) Kenneth Hayes

Telling Stories, Secret Lives

by (author) Jan Allen & Steven Matijcio

An Artist after All

Daniel Fowler in Canada

by (author) Dorothy M. Farr

Neutrinos They Are Very Small

by (author) Corinna Ghaznavi & Allison Morehead
introduction by Jan Allen


Erik Edson

by (author) Catherine Osborne & Jan Allen
foreword by Janet M. Brooke

Machine Life

by (artist) Ihor Holubizky, Caroline Seck Langill & Jan Allen

Gary Kibbins

Grammar Horses

introduction by Jan Allen
by (artist) Gary Kibbins


Contemporary Art in Kingston

by (artist) Jan Allen
foreword by Janet Brooke


by (artist) Jim Drobnick & Jennifer Fisher
introduction by Jan Allen

Laurel Woodcock

Take Me, I'm Yours

by (artist) Jan Allen & Paul Kelley


Jayce Salloum

by (artist) Jennifer Fisher & Jim Drobnick
introduction by Jan Allen

Telling Images

Images Révélatrices

by (author) David McTavish
foreword by Robert Swain

Germaine Koh


by (artist) Jan Allen & Wayne Baerwaldt

Fertile Ground

by (artist) Jan Allen

Rise and Fall

John Dickson & Laurie Walker

by (artist) Jan Allen, Wayne Baerwaldt & Nancy Campbell


Taking our Medicines

by (artist) Jan Allen & Kim Sawchuk

Frank Nulf


introduction by Jan Allen
by (artist) Liz Wylie & Frank Nulf

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