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Acorn Press

Books from this publisher

The ANNEthology

A Collection of Kindred Spirits Inspired by the Canadian Icon

by (author) Judith Graves

Ken's Corner

by (author) Katie Mac


One of the NHL's Great Coaches: From Summerside to Madison Square Garden

by (author) Fred MacDonald

The Floating Days

by (author) Susan Rodgers

Nova Scotia Loves Gus

by (author) Doretta Groenendyk

A Few White Lies

by (author) Lorne Elliott

Charlottetown Then & Now (2nd ed)

Walk With Me

by (author) Scott MacDonald

A Sea of Spectres

by (author) Nancy Taber

My Mi'kmaq Mother

by (author) Julie Pellisser-Lush

L'Nu'k Ghost Stories of Prince Edward Island

by (author) Julie Pellissier-Lush, Tee Sock & Sheri Bernard

Flynn's War

by (author) Finley Martin

Monday's Child

Poems About Teaching

by (author) Renee Blanchette

Pockets Full of Sea Glass

by (author) Alma Fullerton

Flitt's Call Activity Guide

by (author) The Island Nature Trust

Flitt's Call

by (author) Kara Griffin
illustrated by K. Shawn Larson

For the Love of Sea View

by (author) Hilary MacLeod

The Sea That Sings To Me

by (author) Kara Griffin
illustrated by Marla Lesage

The Way I Feel

by (author) Susan White

A Great Day Fer Livin'

(2nd edition)

by (author) Juliet C. Wilson

Into the Wind

A Novel of Acadian Resilience

by (author) A.J.B. Johnston

Are We Friends Now?

An Anthology By and About 2SLGBTQ+ Youth

edited by Tom Ryan

A Tale of Two Kitties

by (author) Judith Graves

The Multiplication Rap

Multiplying is a snap...when you know the "Multiplication Rap"!

by (author) Hope Dalvay
illustrated by Kate Chisholm

The Sacred Space

by (author) Brian J. Francis

Follow the Goose Butt to Prince Edward Island

by (author) Colleen Landry, Beth Weatherbee & Odette Barr

Coming Home

by (author) Fiona Steele

Memories of Christmas

by (author) Marlene Campbell

The Cows Are Out

by (author) Dale McIsaac

The Cows Are Out!

by (author) Dale McIsaac

Crescent Moon Friends

by (author) Wadia Samadi & Mo Dufy Cobb
by (artist) Lisa Lypowy

Safe Harbour

by (author) Adrian McNally Smith

Truck !

by (author) Doretta Groenendyk

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