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New Releases

New Life Stories

Crying Wolf

A Memoir

by (author) Eden Boudreau

Starter Dog

My Path to Joy, Belonging and Loving This World

by (author) Rona Maynard

Mr. Mindbomb

Eco-hero and Greenpeace Co-founder Bob Hunter — A Life in Stories

edited by Bobbi Hunter
introduction by Captain Paul Watson
afterword by Elizabeth May


A Story of Tangled Love and Family Secrets

by (author) Kyo Maclear

The Horse Doctor’s Daughter

The Early Diaries of Jane Crosbie

by (author) Jane Crosbie
foreword by Ches Crosbie


Fathers, sons, a portrait

by (author) David Macfarlane

Mirror Horse

A Memoir

by (author) Tamara Williamson

Bones of Belonging

Finding Wholeness in a White World

by (author) Annahid Dashtgard

Prisoner #1056

How I Survived War and Found Peace

by (author) Roy Ratnavel

Galena Bay Odyssey

Reflections of a Hippie Homesteader

by (author) Ellen Schwartz

British Columbiana

A Millennial in a Gold Rush Town

by (author) Josie Teed

Frances Barkley

Eighteenth-century Seafarer

by (author) Cathy Converse

Just Once, No More

On Fathers, Sons, and Who We Are Until We Are No Longer

by (author) Charles Foran


An Old Man, a Mountain and the Search for a Hidden Past

by (author) Brett Popplewell

A Map to the Door of No Return

Notes to Belonging

by (author) Dionne Brand

Ordinary Notes

by (author) Christina Sharpe

There Was a Time for Everything

A Memoir

by (author) Judith Friedland

Harvesting Freedom

The Life of a Migrant Worker in Canada

by (author) Gabriel Allahdua
with Edward Dunsworth


The Story of An Entrepreneurial Environmentalist Inside Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry

by (author) Dave Werklund


Reveries of a Mountain Dweller

by (author) Natalie Lang

Everything Left to Remember

My Mother, Our Memories, and a Journey Through the Rocky Mountains

by (author) Steph Jagger

Brown Boy

A Memoir

by (author) Omer Aziz


A Defiant Dene

by (author) Stephen Kakfwi

kâ-pî-isi-kiskisiyân / The Way I Remember

by (author) Solomon Ratt

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